Politi Stick now invites guest writers, contributors and bloggers for writing on our website. All guest posts for our blog must be related to –

  • Any kind of News
  • Auto
  • Business/Finance
  • Health
  • Law
  • Shopping/Fashion
  • Tech
  • Education
  • Home Improvement
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel

We request guest authors to check our blog in entirety and find more on our quality standards before sending us posts for further reviewing. Please note that Politi Stick reserves the right to edit, reject and accept articles, and we only accept guest posts that are relevant and important for our website.

We also have the following guidelines that must be followed –

  1. All guest posts must be in English language only. Please note that we do not accept contents in other languages.
  2. Contents must be of at least 600 words. We appreciate longer posts over 800 words. Keywords must be reviewed adequately. Keyword spamming is strictly not allowed.
  3. Affiliate links are not allowed in any posts, but you can choose to cite sources. Politi Stick offers just relevant link in the post.

Contents must be relevant to Politi Stick and its theme. Please do not send us posts that are not reviewed and edited. We may edit your article to suit the needs of the particular category. You can note our email address – info@politistick.com

Please note that reviewed posts are usually published in a week. If you do not understand the guest posting guidelines and have queries related to the submission process, please write to us.