How to Use Meta Business Suite

Seeking a one-stop-shop solution to managing your company’s Facebook page?

In this course, you’ll learn how to utilize Meta Business Suite to administer your company’s Instagram and Facebook business pages. Find more info about meta business suite

When Should You Use Meta Business Suite vs. Meta Business Manager?

Meta’s built-in social networking management applications, Meta Business Suite and Meta Business Manager, are the former Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Business Manager, respectively.  Both provide a convenient hub from which to administer your company’s presence on Facebook and Instagram, and they don’t cost a dime.

The two instruments are comparable, yet there are also important distinctions between them.

Business Manager Meta: What Is It?

Meta Business Manager, which debuted in 2014, is a hub for handling assets like Fb company pages, profiles on Instagram, and advertising accounts independently from one’s personal profile. Meta Business Settings may be accessed via Business Manager, allowing you to delegate tasks, provide access to resources, and coordinate with colleagues.

Business Manager makes it easy to find resources for managing social media accounts.

So, what is it that a Business Manager doesn’t do? To begin, Business Manager is not like other social network administration software. If you manage many Facebook pages and Instagram profiles, you won’t be able to simply switch between them or generate content, reply to interaction, or check analytics in a single tab. Each linked resource requires its own browser tab.

Collaborating with coworkers is not made any easier by a Business Manager.

Meta business suite: what is it?

Meta Business Suite, a comprehensive Facebook and Instagram management solution, will be released in 2020. Everything from content production and scheduling to user interaction and insight analysis can be handled with this in-house platform. Plan organic marketing, manage advertising, and catalog your assets.

All of the aforementioned features and more can be performed in a single tab inside the Business Suite, making it more like a standard social media management tool.

Uses of a Facebook page and Instagram account using Meta Business Suite.

  1. Have Coworkers Visit the Business Suite
  2. include Facebook Fan Pages into the Business Center
  3. Integrate Instagram into the Enterprise Suite
  4. Integrate WhatsApp with Your Company’s Software
  5. Business Suite Function by Ad Account Management
  6. Delegate Authority to Employees
  7. Business Suite Listing Services
  8. Using Business Suite, Accept Appointment Requests
  9. Set Up Business Suite’s Productivity Programs
  10. Access to Business Suite’s File Manager and Creativity Assets
  11. Business Suite is where you can plan, write, publish, and schedule content for your social media accounts.
  12. Business Suite Function is Social Media Engagement Management

13: Examine Business Suite’s Social Media Analytical Tools


This tutorial for Meta Business Suite will walk you through the steps of establishing your team’s use of a social network administration tool. Business Suite allows you to manage both natural and paid advertising on your company’s Facebook page and Instagram account after adding to your team and finishing the setup.