When water beds came into existence a few years back, most people saw them as a luxury and extravagance. Times have changed, and today, more people are already incorporating them into their homes. They are also stylish and a sign of class but require some proper thinking and research to find a good one.

When shopping for a waterbed, it will help if the buyer doesn’t make a hasty decision or do it because they saw it in a friend’s place and want to match that. They should weigh the options to decide if it is a worthy investment. Check out this waterbed guide for a better shopping experience.

Weigh the Pros and Cons

The first and most crucial step before purchasing a waterbed is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Buyers should learn how the mattress differs from the regular mattresses, the positives, and the negatives.

This step goes a long way in helping buyers make a sound decision and decide if they want to add to their purchase.

Consider the Weight Standards

Undoubtedly, waterbeds are heavier than regular ones. But that does not make them the heaviest item in the house. For example, a fridge is still heavier than a waterbed, and so is a wardrobe.

However, some landlords put up restrictions revolving around waterbeds. They probably feel that the weight of the mattresses is not suitable for building floors. So, it will help to check with the landlord and other house regulations before going for the purchase.

The Energy Consumption Matters

The energy consumption limits of a waterbed can be a dealbreaker. Waterbeds utilize heaters to keep beds warm and comfortable. The amount of heat needed depends on the climate of the region. Those in extremely cold places will have to use much higher energy to heat the beds to the ideal or comfortable temperatures. In such a case, one should consider if they can afford the high energy bills to enjoy the pleasure of a waterbed.

Important Features to Consider

After deciding that waterbed is something one would love to have, the next step is to understand the important features. It is recommendable to talk to someone who has had firsthand experience with waterbeds first to understand what works and what features to overlook. The critical aspects include;

Lumbar Support

The aim of getting a waterbed is to enjoy extra support. So, it would be of no use to purchase one without added lumbar support. The buyer should check the fiber thickness and layers to determine if the mattress can offer the support they need.


It would be best to get a mattress with floatation and tethering for additional support and keep the bed lines intact. This feature is simply a thick elastic back attached to all bed corners to help the sheets.


This is optional, but a mattress with a cover certainly looks and works better than one without. The covering prevents tears or punctures, especially in setups with kids or pets.