Add More Buzz to Your Corporate Event by Renting A Photo Booth

When it comes to business events, a number of factors contribute to the success of an event. In addition to using standard equipment like display boards and projectors, you have to make sure your company stands out by adding something unique. Adding a fun element like photo booth, sets you apart from your competitors, be it a tradeshow or fundraiser event.

People love getting their pictures clicked. Photo booths provide a different experience from using our smart phones to click pictures thus making it an instant hit among event attendees. Apart from serving as a source of entertainment for guests, photo booths serve as a great tool to boost your brand awareness.

Photo booths as a clever marketing strategy:

The photo booth company will ensure your brand name takes centre stage. They will design the booth in a way your brand name gets highlighted on the booth forefront, final printed image and on other digitally-shared social media. 

Why let your guests stop with clicking pictures when they can play virtual fun games, add their favorite emojis to their pictures and print a copy for each one in the picture? Reach out to Party MTL photo booth rental and check out their uber-cool magic mirror photo booth. Your guests would thoroughly enjoy the experience. So how exactly does this benefit your brand?

  • Social media reach: The current generation loves sharing their pictures on social media. Add your company name and logo to the pictures clicked in a unique way. Each time someone shares their branded picture clicked at the booth in social media, your brand name travels afar. 
  • Word of mouth promotion: Though photo booths are not an uncommon sight at private parties, adding it to a corporate event will get more people taking. In tradeshows it will attract more people to your stall.
  • Increased promotion: Booths provide the perfect platform to interact with clients. It serves as the ice-breaker and you can use the opportunity to talk about your services.

Why choose photo booths over other tools?

Photo booths bring people together since it is common for people to click pictures as a group in a photo booth. A photo booth breaks the monotony of corporate stuff and gives guests a moment to relax and savour with friends. Guests would connect with your brand better.

A photo booth makes your corporate event both fun and effective.  People will find it unique, and remember your brand more which in turn boosts your brand awareness.