An Expert’s Guide to Coordinating Jewelry with Your Ensembles

Do you often struggle to figure out what to wear? Do the dilemma of coordinating your jewelry with your outfit a common phenomenon in your routine? 

If this sounds familiar, then you are not at all alone. This is because women across the globe have trouble choosing the right outfit. Over it, coordinating jewelry with outfit poses another level of problem. 

If you wish to get out of this trouble, read the tips mentioned below on how to coordinate jewelry with ensembles. 

Rule 1: Complex Patterns Work Well With Simple Jewelry

The rule one says that if you are wearing a patterned outfit, avoid overdoing it with bold jewelry. Instead, go for simple dainty jewelry. This will help you avoid a clash between two. For example, if your dress has busy prints, it is better to wear small earrings, a simple bracelet or a watch. However, for plain dresses, you can go for statement jewelry pieces.

Additionally, with ruffled dresses, avoid wearing statement jewelry at any cost as this could make you appear messy, not stylish. Next time, when coordinating jewelry, consider the outfit you are going to wear.

Rule 2: When in Doubt, go for Diamonds: 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Ever since their discovery, they have been ruling the trends. So, when in doubt what to wear, go for diamond jewelry. Pair your deep necklines with beautiful diamond heart pendant designs and bet you will get the heads turn. Diamond pendants for women are available in the mesmerizing range, so there is a diamond piece for every Occasion. The classic diamond jewelry goes well with all kinds of ensembles, so when there is nothing diamond is your savior. 

Rule 3: Consider your Skin Tone

Learn the art of highlighting your skin tone with jewelry. Jewelry coordination isn’t limited to your outfit; instead, it has a lot to do with your skin tone. Silver is the metal that goes well with all skin tones. And gold is deemed fit for matte skin tones. Furthermore, for cooler skin tones, white gold metal, and blue, purple, red gemstones are perfect. Alternatively, for warm skin tones, yellow metal and orange, green, yellow gemstones look amazing.

Rule 4: Match jewelry with the Occasion

Wearing dangling jewelry to the office makes no sense. As while working on the desk, the jingle sound is going to disturb you. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the Occasion. If you are heading for office strictly avoid wearing heavy jewelry. However, for attending wedding or evening parties, you have the freedom to try your bold pieces. So, when pairing jewelry, remember where you are going and what you will be doing there. 


There are plenty of inspirations for coordinating jewelry with your ensembles. But whatever you do, be confident with your choices. And don’t forget to follow the rules mentioned above to strike the perfect showstopper look. These tips are tried and tested by fashion experts to devise the right strategies for jewelry coordination.