What to keep in mind whilst buying Jewellery this Diwali

With the outset of September month, there is a festive fervour that sets in every household. Some prepare for Navratri, some for Diwali, and some for Christmas, all our festive preparations start from shopping and ends up decorating homes and self. While festivals are synonyms to vibrancy, fun, and family, they also hold the key to starting new ventures, buying gold, buying properties, clothes, and an endless list thereon.  While gold is an inevitable part of all our celebration, this Diwali lets us all pledge to buy gold thoughtfully, here are a few suggestions:

Firstly, with forethought in mind, it is best to invest in gold for children. One can buy gold bangles for kids, baby bracelets, baby anklets, or pure gold baby accessories. This remains with them for many years to come as a token of your love, as a security for their future and as a family heirloom piece. Another reason for buying gold Jewellery for kids is that they come in lower weight ranges and are more affordable than gold Jewellery for women plus it would be double the joy to see your little one shine in & out this Diwali. So, buying something in gold for kids should be on your list.

Secondly, when buying gold is certain either for Laksmi pooja or Akshaya Tritiya why not buy in gold coins- the purest form of investment. During an apprehension time like this, it is best to buy pure gold coins and keep it for later. Gold coins come in various denominations giving us greater flexibility to choose what best fits our budget. Gold coins start from as low as 0.5gm and go up to a 100gms ingot or 1kg too. There are a number of retail Jewellery outlets who give an online booking plus free delivery option right at the comfort of your home with absolutely zero travelling. They can be easily stored, moved, and exchanged too, thus giving us the ease of handling.

Lastly, if you are a fan of ornamental gold Jewellery then go for it, there are several options from beautiful gold bangles to lightweight gold necklaces, from long necklace designs to cocktail rings, from diamond bracelets to simple gold earrings- you will have a plethora of choices. But, with investment in mind, all you to do is to select designs that have higher gold weight than simple stone-studded ornaments. It is important to note that higher the gold weight greater the resale value. Keeping this in mind, it is wise to keep alternate money or liquidity channels open. What better way than gold Jewellery that gives you greater return if you wish to use it as collateral in an urgency.

This Diwali, bring home the shine of gold with careful thought. It can be investing for your little one, pampering yourself or simply to secure the future- whatever maybe your idea of buying gold, ensure it brings value to you and your loved ones.