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What are the best furniture deals this week?

We, GINBOX.IO, are loaded with multiple discounts and offers on furniture at our website. We allow sellers to post their promotional flyers without any additional charges. Thus, you get a large number of deals, both from online as well as offline shopping hubs. From traditional to modern, from contemporary to transitional, we have furniture for everyone. You will be related to receive impressive deals on a wide range of styles including classic, clean silhouettes, mid-century, ornamental, warm, industrial, handcrafted, and such many more. Visit our global platform for finding and locating the best furniture deals near you. If you like to get your collection from a distant place, we can connect you with the companies and get it delivered at your home using our innovative smart address technology.

What do we mean by Smart Address?

It is an idea that provides you an easy way for creating and sharing your shipping address. You can create your unique GINBOX number using 8-10 digit alphanumeric characters for the required address. It is distinct for each address and you can create them for your home and office address separately. So next time when you need to enter your shipping address while you shop on our partners’ websites, you can simply enter your GINBOX number and check out with ease.

Not just that, you can now share your address with your friends and acquaintances within your grasp. By entering your GINBOX number on Google map, they can easily find your address and reach out to you. Similarly, you can find the address of your favorite furniture showroom through their GINBOX number. We show you the location and then you can navigate through it and reach your destination precisely. So walk with the technology and switch your conventional address to a Smart address now.

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