Choosing The Best T-Shirt For Your Kid 101


Picking out your child’s cloth can be a tough job, no matter the child’s age. Kids (and adults) love tees and enjoy wearing them just because they are light and comfy. Plain t-shirts to Kids Concert tees, there is a sea of tees available both offline and online for your kid, which makes it harder for you to make a choice. Here is how to master the art of choosing a t-shirt for your kid.

The Fabrics

What good is a kid’s cloth, if the kid couldn’t wear it comfortably for the long run? Synthetic fabrics like tulle and imitation leather are excellent for special occasions, but not comfortable enough to wear daily. On the other hand, cotton is a great choice for your kid’s cloth fabric. There are many other fabrics other than cotton, which is equally loved by the t-shirt industry. 

Combed cotton and organic cotton are two popular t-shirt fabrics because of their softness, strength, and smoothness. Merino wool t-shirts are exceptionally suitable for trips as they don’t start smelling easy. Bamboo, yes bamboo, t-shirts are also quite trendy. The highest grade cotton Pima gets softer with time and use, and also resists stretching and fading. While looking for your kid’s tees, make sure to check their fabric as well as your geographic location before making a call.


The Right Colors

Despite the widely popular social gender stereotypes, there’s no designated right color for any gender. Pink, blue, green, violet, yellow- if your kid loves it, everything is okay! No color dictates anyone’s gender. Be creative while choosing the clothing colors. Also, listen to your kids’ voices and opinions on matters of colors. After all, there are going to wear the top, not you. Black and white are two must-have colors that go with every skin tone, style, and design. There is a vast color palette for you and your kid to choose colors. A magical tip: Always ensure that the t-shirt’s color doesn’t clash with your little one’s skin tone. 

The Right Fit

While choosing a t-shirt, it is imperative to see how it fits your kid. The t-shirt should not be too big or too long, just perfect yet breathable. Its length should cover the pant’s waistband and should be long enough to be tucked if necessary. The top should neither be too tight (restriction in movement and breathing may arise) nor too loose. You can select the perfect neck of the top by making your kid try it. Make your champ raise his/her arms while wearing it. If there’s a big gap around the neck, the cloth is not for your kid. If the neck is too tight, again you have your answer.2

The Types

Yes, there are types of t-shirts (apart from plain and graphic) based on the neckline as well as sleeve length. An internet search will reveal at least more than twenty types of tees. In the case of the kid’s t-shirts section, crew neck, v neck, polo, half sleeve, full sleeve, and sleeveless tees are most popular. They all have their shine. Kids Concert tees are mostly sleeveless and half sleeved. Crew necks and v necks give your kid a chic vibe. Polo tees are multipurpose in function as they are perfect for both casual and formal situations if styled correctly. Full sleeves are quite happening in the kid’s fashion nowadays.