Four tips for arranging your garage for your armored car

Many people fail to understand that just purchasing an armored car isn’t enough, but should take extra measures of safety in arranging the garage space for complete protection. When you’ve invested huge amount in customizing the safety features in a car, why risk your investment by compromising garage setup. There are different ways to make your garage safer, such as getting a solid entry system so that you get alerted when someone else managed to get through the garage area. Here are some tips that you can make use to set up your garage.

Non-hacking garage doors

Get rid of old fashioned door openers where it was easy for robbers to get access to the garage, determining the right radio-frequency of door opener. With advanced rolling code transmitters, it isn’t easy to get through. With such opener system, you can reset strong opening and closing code, so it becomes much more complicated to decode for strangers. You can also find several mobile encrypted apps, which lets you to control the door using your phone from any location you choose.

Install a security camera

It’s time to secure your house garage by installing a security camera system. These surveillance cameras are best amongst other methods as it can shield your home and carport from break-ins. Even the police authorities believe that such surveillance camera frameworks help discourage theft endeavours. No wants to get caught and robbers generally sidestep when your home garage is guarded with a CCTV camera. Install in car parks, gate entrance to avoid burglary. Cameras should be placed in a way that it covers all the angles (in and out), so that you get 360-degree view or live images. These days you can find best quality cameras for very reasonable rates.

Install a self-shutting system

You need not worry about whether you’ve closed the door while leaving the garage in a hurry. Install a self closing system that lets you to set door opening and closing time, thereby alerting you every time the door is opened or closed.

Motion indicator lights

One of the best approaches to sense intrusions is to upgrading your present apparatuses with motion indicator lights. Any form of movement is identified by sensor, tuning on the lights, thereby alerting you to check whether or not your vehicle is safe.

Technological innovations have made securing the vehicle easier and talk to armored experts to understand how to use such developments correctly. Be it car, SUVs, or Troy Armoring armored buses, get a secured garage setup to for a better peace of mind regarding your vehicle security.