Secrets To Saving Money On Your Holiday Hire Car

When we go on holiday, we want to see as much as possible of our locations. Whether close to home or overseas, this will be perhaps your first and only opportunity to explore an area. The last thing you want, then, is to miss out due to limited transport.

Let’s face it; bus and train timetables can be tough to get your head around when you don’t know an area. Language barrier or not, you may not have the first clue about what bus you need to catch to get where you want. Often, this uncertainty can lead us to miss out, leaving us unable to experience everything we’d like.

Holiday car hire is the easiest way around this. They allow us to find our way around with ease, not once having to worry about deciphering complex bus timetables or miscommunications. The trouble is that, after spending a fortune on your holiday, you may feel reluctant to pay the same for a car.

While some hire companies do charge steep prices, though, it is possible to secure a holiday vehicle without bankrupting yourself. And, we’re going to look at how.

Consider the time of year

Booking at peak season can make everything more expensive, and hire cars are no exception. If you head off in the height of the summer holidays, for instance, you can expect to pay higher prices from many dealers. Even with hire companies who offer set prices, the limited offerings available at busy times could still see you spending more. Wherever possible, then, keep hire costs down by booking your holidays during school time instead.

Know what you need

As with anything, knowing precisely what you need is sure to see you saving a few pennies. Salespeople will typically push you towards more expensive options, after all, and not knowing what you’re after could see you easily swayed. Before you even contact a hire company, then, be clear about the size and style of vehicle you want. If you know that you need four seats and a sizeable boot, you’re far less likely to fall for the appealing but expensive sports cars on offer.

Shop around

You wouldn’t buy a car from the first dealer you came across, and nor should you hire one from the first company you find. Reducing costs here is all about shopping around. Some dealers will charge excessively high prices for cars which companies like Henfield Hire offer at far more affordable prices. And, once you realise this discrepancy, you’ll be able to find out more information about the budget-friendly companies who can do you a good deal. That’s always better than wasting time on high-priced scam merchants.

Book in advance

You’ll also often find that you can save by booking in advance. In some cases, companies offer discounts for individuals who book so many months before heading away. Thinking about things in advance also ensures that you’re able to secure the vehicle you need at a price which suits you.