The Best Places to Shop for Jewelry

There are many places to shop for jewelry. The best places to shop for jewelry, however, might surprise you. Sure, there are plenty of quality cookie-cutter pieces in the major department stores. Of course, there are the high-priced and one-size-fits-all jewelry stores, but the best places might be right under our nose.

We Sell Gold for Cash Pawn Shops

You have probably seen them, even today if you have been anywhere. If you see those pawn shops with those large “We Sell Gold for Cash¬†signs hanging out front, don’t be so quick to pass them up.

There are several local pawn shops I have available, but like any grocery store or department store, we all have favorites. Personally, Lev’s Pawn Shop is easily the best pawn in my area, or at least in my opinion.

That is partly because of the trust they have established from being in the area for so long, and partly because of the volume of business they do. This means there are always good finds, like great jewelry, appearing all the time.

Another shop that is worth a look if you are in or around the New York area is Big Bang, which like Lev’s, has a considerable jewelry turnover. Big Bang is a good pawn shop for those off-color, off beat, and unique jewelry styles.

Sure, it isn’t probably the first place that comes to mind when you think of the best places to shop for jewelry, but perhaps that is precisely why it might be? Take a look and tell me I’m wrong but do yourself a favor and check more than once. You never know what treasures you’ll find, sometimes even in your own backyard.