Lawyers are some of the dreaded professionals to work with. Moreover, the burden of potentially facing legal liabilities also makes it difficult to deal with lawyers day-in and day-out for most common folks. However, most lawyers have an established practice, case history, and specialization in their area. Hence, if you know what to look for – you can make the task of dealing with lawyer s a lot easier. For example, are you dealing with an accident case in one of the most accident prone place in the United States, Boise Idaho? Then, you definitely need to hire a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer. The following are three guarantees every good lawyer should offer.

A Free Consultation 

Lawyers with their complex nature of work, and knowledge based domain can be hard to gauge. Hence, you need to speak with them first through a free consultation. Moreover, a relationship based on trust, and understanding with each other is very important. Most good lawyers offer a free consultation in order to understand your case. This is a great opportunity for clients to understand their expertise, to ask them pointed questions outlining doubts, and see if the lawyer in question is a good fit. Nowadays, most lawyers will offer a consultation at home, or in office, or even through an online forum.


Accident cases can be lengthy. These can stretch for as long as a few weeks or a few months, or even sometimes year. It is important to hire a lawyer who will work around compensation for you. For example, experienced lawyers take on cases with a promise of taking no compensation until the settlement is recovered. These lawyers do charge a hefty commission through settlement. However, you need not worry about their bills until your medical bills, loss of income, and others are paid for through the settlement. Plus, with an experienced legal help, you can hope for the maximum legal compensation.

Dealing with Insurance Parties 

After accidents, insurance companies arrive on the scene quickly. Soon after police report, you will be contacted by insurance parties to settle without the intervention of lawyers. If an insurance agent is involved, you can be sure that they have a few skeletons in their closet that they are not telling you about. Insurance companies deal with hundreds of accident cases every day, and they know a losing cause if they see one. If you have been approached by such a company, you can be sure that a law firm will get far more money out of them than promised to you.