With the world moving into rapid globalization, kids are exposed to the outside world from an utmost tender age. This is made possible through various devices and systems, mobiles and tablets being the primary ones. Now, as it is quite natural for a post-2000 baby to have access to various gadgets from as early as their birth, it is quite hazardous for them. Yes, kids learn many things from the internet and other media, and amidst this pandemic scenario, the entire educational system has turned into an online mode, too much use of electronic devices has hampered their mental and physical well-being. Looking at the screen continually is perilous for their eyes, with the rays fiddling with their brain cells. Also, too much exposure to mobiles has made them forget or even know the feeling of a playground and open spaces. Thus, without any further delay, it is of utmost importance to get some toys for your youngsters, which will not only keep them occupied but provide educational values as well. In this article, we’re going to let you know about kids’ educational toys and some of the best educational toys for 1-year-old.

·      Sorter Truck

Nothing can be more mesmerizing and eye-catching to one-year-olds than a bunch of vibrant colors to play around with. This sorter truck comes in various pieces (circle, square, rectangle, and other) of different colors, which the little ones can dump off and recreate the original model. This enhances their shape-recognition skills of year olds and for the infants; this toy helps them firm their grasps. The main feature of this toy is that it is completely kids-safe, eco-friendly, washable, and lightweight.

·      Alphabet Activity Set

Teaching a tiny tot could be one of the hardest things you have to face in your entire life. Where they don’t even know to stay at one place for a few minutes, making them recognize alphabets might seem impossible. Also, with other workloads, finding just enough time is pretty tough. Hence, to sort out all these, here is the alphabet activity set, for your bundle of joy. The set consists of 26 Easter eggs, with each alphabet printed on them in various colors. Each egg can be opened for a surprise which is filled with clay models equivalent to the basic words beginning with each letter. This set is just the perfect one among most educational toys to enhance their learning, recognizing, and hearing skills.

  ·      Spelling Puzzles

After knowing about alphabets, the next step is for words, where spelling plays a major part. This spelling puzzle is broken into pieces, which when joined correctly, forms a photo of the word. This way, your kid will not only learn about the picture but also the right spelling, all by themselves. The visual learning feature promotes early learning skills and motor skills.

Thus, no more gluing to the mobile screen or laptops as this is the perfect time to do something different. Give your kids the full atmosphere and experience of childhood mixed with educational values. These kids’ educational toys hence are a must for your journey of parenthood.