3 Business Tasks You Can Automate Now

Automation is a beautiful thing. It will save time and money for your company. Things will get done much faster and easier. A company can become more productive with their work when they have automation with their marketing. Having more production to the company will help it to grow in the long run. 

More and more businesses are moving towards automation and artificial intelligence provided by companies like ServisBOT. They know the benefits that it can bring. It’s inevitable in this twenty-first century. Technology is the way of business now. Marketing is no different. You can make tasks in this business automative. How can automation work with your advertisement with social media? What all can you really automate? Here are three things you can automate for your business to make it that much better.


Everything needs money to run. From the set up of your company to making the product. Your ads are no exception to the rule. You have to keep up with payments. But honestly, who has time for that? 

You are too busy with other things in your company. You have to make sure your product is as good as you are selling it. You have to make sure that your staff is working like they are supposed to. Despite this, payments are just as important as everything else in your business. Failure to pay will result in a halt in services. Sometimes, it could cost you more to restart goods and services. This is where automation comes in. How does automation payments work? There were three ways of doing this. Go directly to the vendor, go through your bank, and or use your credit card. 

Each one has steps that will walk you through everything. The trick is always having the money to keep the automation service going. Now why would you want to switch to automated pay? According to Money Under 30, “When you set up automatic payments, it’s a true “set-it-and-forget-it” system. The moment you give yourself the option to pay a bill, the moment you become stressed about it and potentially put it off and forget about it.. You don’t need the stress of remembering to pay for content marketing.


Did you know that you can operate ads through automation? Well, you can. Social media offers this little feature for your business. How do you do it? It’s rather easy, actually. Your social media platforms will walk you through everything. All you have to do is to put in the information, make the payment, and then just move on with the rest of your day. Still have more questions about how the process works? 

Why would you want to do automation through your ads? The blog, Reveal Bot, breaks down everything you need to know about how to automate your ads on Facebook. They will walk you through how to manage your campaign. They suggest, “Whether you have five or 5,000 ads, the rule will always fire. For us advertisers, it means more efficient budget allocation, more revenue for our businesses, and higher ROAS.”. 

Just like with paying for advertisement, you need one less thing to think about. You have a business to run. Social media knows this and is willing to help make things easier when you set up your automation ad campaigns. The same automation can be set for your newsletters and posts on your social media pages.


Naturally, you will get feedback on your social media. You would love to sit down and respond. But sometimes, you just don’t have the time. Automation can come in handy here too. How can that even be possible? Social media sites will walk you through each step. 

For example, Facebook has it to where you can send a response to someone when they DM you. They send you a message and your message will pop up something like, “[Your page] has received your message. We will get back to you in X amount of time.” Naturally, this will annoy some people that try to message you. 

But it’s better than no response at all, right? Nobody wants to sit around and wait for you to respond back to a question or complaint they have about your product. An automatic response could potentially soften the blow of waiting. Just take care to respond back as soon as you can. Too many automated messages will come across as rude and uncaring to potential clients.