4 Brilliant Designer Fur Vests That’ll be Excellent For Your Winter Collection 

Winter season can be a fashion march if you know how to dress in the right manner. One of those winter apparels that can make every garment look elite and classy are designer fur vests and those are the ones that we intend to display in our guide of top 4 picks for your winter collection. Do look at the following Wolfie designer fur vests to accustom yourself with the idea of owning an exclusive fur vest so that you can care for it in the right way to make it last for a long time. 

  1. TANIA Fur Vest

This designer fur vest – available in brown and vanilla – is one of the best fur vests made out of 100% real Sheared Beaver fur. Some of its trendiest features that make it the right pick are as follows. 

  • It has a fitted silhouette to complement your figure. 
  • It has a front zipper for smooth and easy closure. 

With an actual price of 1795$, this one can be purchased at just 1095$ on sale. 

  1. ARIA Red & White Fur Vest

Bask in the feeling of warmth and softness with this vest that’s made of 100% pure red fox fur. The features that make this one more stylish than most fur vests are as follows. 

  • It is adorned with an excellent leather detailing in the same color. 
  • The zipper provided for front closure is made of premium grade nickel. 

You can buy this vest at just 1250$.

  1. LEAH Hooded Fur Vest 

This classic fur vest is an interesting blend of real fur from Rex rabbit and raccoon. Some stunning features that make this product a highly rated fashionable vest are as follows. 

  • It has an attached hoodie. While the entire vest material is real Rex fur, the front panel and hood trim are made of pure raccoon fur. 
  • It has large comfy side pockets and a front zipper for closure. 

With an actual cost of 1695$, you can buy this one at just 1295$ on sale. 

  1. CLAIRE Designer Fur Vest

This vest is an excellent blend of Real Mink fur with Real Fox fur. The most noteworthy features of this apparel are as follows. 

  • It’s available in attractive hues that include Iris Grey, Palomino white, and classic black. 
  • The upper and front of the vest are pure Finnish fox fur. 
  • The back of the vest is real Mink fur. 
  • The matching leather detailing looks extremely attractive. 
  • It has a front zipper closure and the zip is pure nickel. 

Nonetheless, caring for these furry vests will require you to get them dry cleaned from professionals and not washing them with hands or in a washing machine. The fur is delicate and requires utmost care while cleaning dust and dirt. So, make sure that you pick most reputable dry cleaners only since they know how to handle real fur without damaging it.