5 Benefits of a Mobile Pizza Oven

A mobile pizza oven offers a number of advantages over a standard wood-fired oven, such as a ceramic or stone oven. This type of pizza oven is versatile and stylish, allowing you to add one to an Old World-style kitchen or an outdoor kitchen with ease. If you’re thinking about investing in a mobile pizza oven, here are some of the great benefits you should know about.

1. They’re Mobile

The first advantage is right in the name: Mobile. If you go to the trouble of building a ceramic or stone pizza oven on your property as part of an indoor or outdoor kitchen, it becomes a permanent fixture that is attached to the property. With a mobile oven, you can take it with you if you ever decide to move to a new home.

2. Incredibly Efficient

Due to the stainless steel interior and superior design, a portable pizza oven is incredibly efficient when compared to a traditional wood-fired oven. A traditional oven uses five times as much wood to heat up before it reaches a cooking temperature. With a convection fan in a portable oven, you also have even heat distribution within the chamber. This means you don’t have to turn a pizza around constantly to cook it evenly.

3. Fantastic Flavor

If you’re a purist who wants the flavor of stone-baked pizza fresh from a wood-fired oven, that’s exactly what you get with a mobile pizza oven. Stones can be placed on the racks in a mobile oven and you’re still cooking with wood for that great flavoring. You will simply be cooking with less wood and better temperature controls.

4. Yes, Temperature Controls

A ceramic oven and other types of traditional wood-fired ovens don’t allow you to control the temperature inside the oven chamber. With a portable pizza oven, you can. The chimney comes with a damper so you can control how much oxygen your fire is receiving. Gauges on the front of the oven let you know exactly when you’ve reached the perfect temperature for baking your pizza or other foods.

5. Elegant and Durable Design

With a cast iron exterior casing and stainless steel interior, a mobile pizza oven makes an elegant addition to any outdoor kitchen. When cooking for guests, they’ll know that you take an upscale approach to food preparation. You’ll be proud to show off this unit to anyone. Plus, the cast-iron and stainless steel construction makes it easy to match with any design scheme in a modern indoor or outdoor kitchen. You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing that your oven has been built to last for many years to come.