Bunaken National Park is one of Indonesia’s most famous diving spots, which has amazing underwater beauty. Here, you can see beautiful coral reefs and a variety of colorful marine life. In Bunaken National Park, there are five small islands; Bunaken Island, Manado Tua, Siladen Island, Mantehage Island, and Nain Island. Of all the islands, Bunaken is one of the favorites of tourists.

This time, we will invite you to enjoy the charm of Bunaken Marine Park by doing the various activities below. Curious about what’s going on? Read more here!

Interesting Activities You Can Do in Bunaken

Here you can not only enjoy the spectacular scenery. While watching the scenery, you can do activities at the same time. Curious to know what you can do in Bunaken? Check out the list below!

  1. Enjoying the Underwater View

Bunaken Island holds a very large marine wealth. Even here, you will find a lot of fish species that are not as many as elsewhere. This is the main attraction of Bunaken.

No wonder so many domestic and foreign tourists come here. This is because Bunaken Island is one of the most incredible diving spots in Indonesia.

Diving is the main activity that you really must do. Here there are approximately 40 spots for diving that you can choose from. Each spot offers a different underwater panorama, ranging from green turtles, colorful small fish to amazing corals.

To enjoy the best underwater scenery of Bunaken, you can visit around May-August, when the seawater is clear, and the temperature is quite warm.

  1. Feeding Fish on Coral Reef

If you are not very interested in diving activities, you can still enjoy the richness of the sea in Bunaken by snorkeling. That way, you can still meet the marine animals that inhabit the coral reefs there.

You can feed the fish while swimming on the surface. In Bunaken, there are many very cool shallow spots for you to snorkel. You can dive into clear seawater with views of beautiful colorful coral that is second to none.

Oh yes, don’t forget to capture your snorkeling moments with an underwater camera! For sure, this will be an unforgettable memorable experience!

  1. See Whales and Dolphins

Marine animals in Bunaken are extraordinary, including whales and dolphins that live in Manado Bay, near Bunaken Marine Park. You can rent a boat ready to take you to the middle of the sea and get close to where the marine mammals are. You can see the sights of dozens of dolphins hunting for food in the morning. These marine mammals will look like they are dancing in the open ocean, the view is wonderful!

Of course, this view will be difficult for you to get if you live in an urban area. For that, you should not miss this activity. Don’t forget also to capture the moment when you see the animals swimming in the open sea!

  1. Travel to Manado Tua

If you want to find alternative activities in Bunaken other than the sea, then you can take a walk to Manado Tua, an island with an inactive volcano in the middle. You can leave early in the morning by boat from Bunaken for approximately 30 minutes. Once you arrive on the island of Manado Tua, you can explore its serene and charming natural beauty while jogging or hiking.

Oh yes, walking through Manado Tua at night or ‘nyare’ can also be fun, you know! You can take a walk on the coast of the island at night when the seawater is receding. There are many exciting photo objects here, from Portuguese anchors to corals on the beach’s surface.

  1. Watching the Sunset

Another thing you can do in Bunaken is enjoying the sunset view on the western horizon. You can see the color of the sky turning orange when the sun starts to set. The moment is certainly very cool and calming for those of you who have done many activities during the day. Don’t forget to enjoy the view while drinking a cold drink.

Well, that’s an exciting activity that you can do in Bunaken. Therefore, if you want to vacation here, make sure that you see all the amazing underwater scenery. Before you plan a trip to Bunaken, be sure to read more about Bunaken and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.