5 Outstanding Ways to Use Essential Oils for Its Amazing Benefits

Have anyone thought about the shape of an orange? Have anyone noticed that it is shaped like the Sun that indicates that it grows mostly in the warm sunny places? Surprisingly, essential oil derived from it brings a great change in the fortune. Obtained from the cold compression method from its peels, the oil has a shorter shelf life, mostly six months.

Ever wondered how to use Natural Essential oils obtained from juicy oranges? Here are list of different ways and options as why and how the oil can be used:

Effects on Skin

  • Orange Essential Oils can be used to uplifts wrinkles, making user look younger.
  • A user can simply add a few drops of this oil on the regular cream.
  • The oil is rich in Vitamin C that can nourish face and cures acne flawlessly.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure for 12 hours after applying the oil from orange. Therefore, it is advisable to use it during night time.
  • The healing power of this orange juicy fruit makes it an ideal option to work on skin. It wards off anti-aging effects and enhances cellular regeneration.
  • Besides, it helps in collagen production, an effective skin protein and also improves flow of blood within the body so that skin looks healthier.

Irrespective of the options you choose, one must keep in mind those pure, undiluted and high quality essential oils always keeps best results on its applications. Synthetic version of these oils imparts no specific value and can harm skin to a great extent.

When it comes of Essential Oils Uses on skin topically, it must be diluted first with suitable carrier oil. Thus, it is recommended to perform a skin patch test at least 48 hours prior its usages on the actual site of action. It will help in detecting if there are any skin reactions or not.

Reduce Depression Feelings

  • Orange Essential Oils when used in the diffuser or inhaled can uplifts mood and helps to overcome from depression feelings.
  • Just pour 1-2 drops of the oil on the palm, rub it and hold the hands close to the nose. Upon inhaling the scent, it immediately shows its effects.

Uplifts the Spirits

  • It can be used to ease both physical as well as mental fatigue.
  • All one need to do is to mix approximately 5 drops of oil in equal ratio with lavender oil, pour it into diffuser and then diffuse it.

Provides Relief from Seasonal Allergies

  • Applying one drop of orange oil into each nostril will give user the feeling id funny sensation that results in sniffing.
  • Also, inhaling the oil can also provide relief from allergies within the fraction of seconds.

Helps in Arthritis

  • People suffering from arthritis can experience relief from intolerable pain. Add coconut oil in small quantity to nearly 10 drops of orange oil; rub it on the affected area. Keep rubbing till it gets absorbed completely and provides relief.
  • For faster relief, small amount of capsaicin oil can be added to orange oil.

These and many other benefits can easily be experienced with Essential Oils Uses. A little step towards precautions can results in more proficiency in results. Just avoid using the oil in case of pregnancy. In case anyone wish to use this oil and suffering from any type of health issues, it is recommended to consult their health counsellor prior applying it.