A little twirl and whirl never hurt anyone. We danced to our heart’s content as kids at parties or whenever the music blasted out of speakers. You would have seen a baby do a cute jig the moment they heard music. Dancing is not only therapeutic but can also help you maintain your fitness levels. If you are someone who finds regular exercise routines boring, then a dance workout can sweep you off your feet. Nowadays, many health experts and fitness coaches incorporate dance workouts in their training sessions. Here are eight reasons why you should do a dance workout in your fitness regime.

Reduces Stress

We all suffer from some level of stress in our life. It can slowly take a toll on our mental and physical health. Doing a dance workout releases endorphins from our brain that are natural painkillers. Hence, a little boogie session can calm you down.

Improves Heart Health

A dance workout not only makes you feel good but also takes care of your heart. According to research, a medium-intensity dance workout is more beneficial for your heart health than walking. So, you can dance without care and feel satisfied with your health as well.

Cheers You Up

Dancing is always fun! It releases happy chemicals in your brain that cheers you up instantly. Whenever you are feeling low, just put some music on and groove to the beats carefree. A little bit of dancing can also boost self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself.

Works On Strength And Balance

Dancing is great for strengthening and toning your body as it involves multiple muscles. Unlike a traditional workout, dancing does not have many repetitions, so it conditions your body for new movements and surprises. Hence, it works on improving your balance, coordination, and strength at the same time.

Makes Your Brain Smart

If you have ever learned choreography in a dance workout, then you know you have to focus on the sequence of movements. Your brain has to work hard to remember the steps, unlike other exercises where everything happens quite mechanically.

Do It When You Like

You can indulge in a dance workout wherever and whenever you want. Just put on some music, and you are good to go. It also does not require much preparation, unlike other exercises. All you need is your body and some tunes to rock to.

It Is Enjoyable

Exercising can seem like a chore that you just want to put off on some days. However, dancing is enjoyable and fun. You do not want it to end, unlike a regular gyming session. A dance workout is a great way to enjoy yourself while focusing on fitness.

Introduces New Friends

Joining a dance workout session can introduce you to new people. In no time, you will look forward to going to your dance sessions because of your new friends or buddies. However, if you feel shy of people, then dancing can make you feel more confident over time.


If you are someone who struggles to keep up with an exercise regimen, then dancing is your way out. You will not only enjoy it but feel good about your body and mind.