A Complete Guide To An Exciting Student Accommodation

Moving to a new place could be daunting, especially if you are a student. Several questions hound an individual. Where to get the accommodation from? How much would it cost? Questions come at you, one after another.

Asking peers and relatives might also not work every time. Thus, we offer you a complete guide to find your own answers on the accommodation front. Read on.



How much does the accommodation cost?

The first thing that comes in mind is the monetary queries. Before anything else, you need to be prepared with the minimum and the maximum budget that you are willing to spare solely for accommodation. Once the monetary constraints are set, the job begins! Now you have to shortlist and finalize a property that fits in your budget, based on the following factors:

  1. Proximity to your College: 

Not surprising to have it as the very first thing on our list! The nearer you are to the university, the higher the price you will have to pay for the accommodation. However, you would significantly save on transport this way.

  1. Type of Accommodation: 

Looking for something on a sharing basis or a complete studio apartment with a private bathroom and kitchen, all to yourself? The former would come much cheaper, but the latter promises more comfort, privacy, and independent living. We would read more about the options later in the article.

  1. Amenities: 


The basic amenities which are provided in most of the accommodations are WiFi, security, and maintenance services. In addition to these services, each add on service increases the cost of the accommodation, depending on the exclusivities.

  1. The Neighbourhood:

Is the area around the property busy and always bustling with a crowd? or is it a bit too silent for your taste? Moreover, how close is the place in a hospital, a police station etc! It is always good to investigate the area personally and eliminate any future risks.

What are the options available?


There are different options available to you depending on your budget. Following is the rundown of the options one can opt for:

  1. University Halls: 

Often the universities have their own dorm rooms or halls for the student during the first year. This is one of the most affordable options, however, it is valid for a year in the case of most universities these days.

  1. Private Rooms/Halls: 

Private accommodations are an expensive option; however, the student is more at ease in a new surrounding, when they are given their own comfortable home.

  1. Student Hostels: 

There are several hostels available around a university. these are privately run and it is important you read about the amenities and support provided by the landlord. Asking around and getting more information from people who have already stayed there is a wise thing to do! You could always turn to helpful websites such as Iglu, to find everything you need to know about a property before you sign the deal.



Below are the hot picks in Australia:


Australia has a lot of students coming from different parts of the world. So, if you too are one of them, you are more likely to find the top-rated universities of Australia in the below-mentioned counties, making them a student hub:

  1. Sydney:

There are a lot of locations in Sydney like Broadway, Central Park and others where you can move for your accommodation, and these will fall in the circumference of many institutions. Some properties are near to the institutions like The University of Sydney, Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, and many others.

  1. Melbourne:

Monash University, RMIT University, Victoria University are some of the major campuses in Melbourne, where most of the students enrol for higher education. Melbourne offers you contemporary designs and has plentiful options available for entertainment and sports (It is called the sporting city of the world) too.

  1. Brisbane:

One of the trendiest cities in Australia, Brisbane has fantastic accommodation properties for students. Institutes like the University of Queensland, Shafston International College in Brisbane receive thousands of student admission requests from all across the globe.

We hope this article has helped you understand what should you be looking for in an accommodation. Happy house-hunt!