A Comprehensive Style Guide to Casual Blazers for Men

A blazer is among the very few men’s wear that is suitable for both formal and casual occasions, letting you strike a variety of looks. With luxury blazer brands introducing newer designs in this clothing, it is not wrong to be tempted to grab a few and add them to your wardrobe. So, before you look out for them and also explore Dynacart for the best ones, here is a guide that will help you in your journey of shopping for blazers.

Types of Materials

Branded casual blazers can be found in four distinct types of materials and these are cotton, linen, wool and tweed. The cotton blazers are cheaper and also the most popular ones because of their lightweight. They come in colors like navy blue, white, light brown and so on. If you want to strike the best-possible balance between softness and comfort then the linen blazers are also good. Blazers made of wool and tweed, on the other hand, are suitable as winter wear. You can flaunt them in both formal and casual occasions and stay warm when the weather outside is cold. 

Structured or Unstructured

As for the shape of the clothing, men’s casual blazers can be either structured or unstructured. The former design comes with sharp, clean shapes and usually with shoulder pads. These are more suitable for your formal occasions. The unstructured blazers are soft, flexible, without shoulder pads and with minimal features. These can be worn on a variety of casual occasions including those special date nights and parties.

Pairing Blazers with the Bottomwear

Men’s slim fit casual blazer from Dolce & Gabbana available at Dynacart, can be paired with a number of bottom wear. This is also one major reason why these blazers are preferred by men of all ages. However, just remember a few things about pairing to be able to look the smartest. For instance, when you are pairing your blazer with a pair of jeans, wear a collared shirt inside in a contrast color for a polished and refined look. 

Contrarily, if you are wearing the blazer with a pair of chinos, then replace the collared shirt with a t-shirt for a more casual look. Interestingly, blazers go well with shorts too but just remember that the both should be matching and completing each other.

Casual blazers are brought forth by a variety of known brands and you can find all the different styles mentioned here and many more. At Dynacart, the global online platform featuring hundreds of premium brands, you come across a wide collection of the best blazers for men online. Take a quick look at https://dynacart.com/ and enjoy shopping.