Best Activity You Can Do in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Due to its rich heritage, Yogyakarta produces many sorts of handicrafts. Listed below are some shopping spots in Yogyakarta where you can find original and most excellent quality handmade pieces created by skilled artisans.

  1. Earthenware and Ceramics in Kasongan Village

Kasongan represents among the local producers of handicrafts in Yogyakarta today. The majority of its inhabitants work on pottery for kitchenware and household. Originally designed products created out of artistic sensitivity and true craftsmanship has thrust Kasongan into a tourism area of local pottery. A collaboration of artisans, art observers, tourists, retailers, together with government support, has assisted the village to rise and perform global business throughout the world. More modern home decor, like ceramic vases, plates, and sculptures are a few of the specialities favoured by visitors.

  1. Silver of Kota Gede

The region named Kota Gede is the older portion of the city. It is internationally known for its beautiful silver craft. Quite a few factories, stores, and workshops have been sighted here, situated inside heritage buildings which once were the house of merchants and aristocrats, characterized by their stylish architecture of the past. Visitors are able to see and learn the craft of silversmithing. You will be allowed to make your signature in several places. Observe up close and personal how silver bars are transformed into delicate, beautiful works of art-filled of details.

  1. One-Stop Shopping at Jalan Malioboro

Suppose you only have limited time to visit Yogyakarta; subsequently, Malioboro is the main visitors’ spot for shopping. You might find everything that is available on this street, from humble stalls selling local cuisine malls to modern shopping malls and fancy resorts. Shop Front sidewalks are typical among people and street sellers during the morning to afternoon, but when night falls food sellers spread their ware with “Lesehan”, dine in by sitting on the plastic carpeted floor and low tables.

  1. Beringharjo Marketplace

Beringharjo is the largest marketplace that merely’s worth a visit while in Yogyakarta. The construction is divided into zones. On the very first level, you will understand the north side entrance, within its side are vendors selling fruits, vegetables, and tasty traditional delicacies. The rest of the market offers a wide range of good quality batiks at affordable prices, perfect for souvenirs. On the next floor, are several shops selling Javanese herbs and spices, such as tamarind, temulawak, ginger, cinnamon and more?

  1. Traditional Cement Tiles of Tegel Kunci

Cement tiles are famous for durability. It serves to provide a sense of space and a particular style. Now, cement tiles with vibrant colours and motifs are used as accents and highlights into a room. Whether it’s planted on the wall alongside the state of the art stainless steel kitchens or the floor bordering your lounge, these tiles are versatile to unite with modern design architecture. Tiles are made and coloured piece by piece to fit your customized order.

To get the best shopping experience in Yogyakarta, make sure to research more about Yogyakarta before you visit. Get to know more about Yogyakarta and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.