Booking Flight Tickets: What is the cheapest time to book?


Are you continuously postponing your travel plans because of high airfare? Well, you are not the only person doing this.

When it comes to booking flight tickets, we look for cheap airfare. Many tend to cancel or postpone our trips because the prices are extremely high. The smarter group of people prefer to book it in advance so that they can save more. But you can save all this trouble if you know the right time to book your flight.

In this article, we will tell you when you can book the cheapest flights. If you are someone who travels often, then you should definitely give this article a read.

When do you get the cheapest air flight tickets?

There are six booking zones you need to know about to book cheap air flights. For your convenience, we have laid down the details below.

  1. 169 to 319 days in advance

During this time, you may have to pay around $50 more to book your tickets. The advantage of booking flight tickets during this time is that you get more options in terms of seating and itinerary.

  1. 122 to 168 days in advance

During this time, you have to pay just $20 more for your tickets, if you waited to get the lowest rates. You can still get plenty of options in terms of seating.

  1. 21 to 121 days in advance 

This is considered to be the ideal time to book your air tickets. During this time, you get the cheapest air tickets rates possible.

  1. 14 to 20 days in advance

This is the time when the prices of flight tickets start rising. By this time, expect all the convenient options to be filled. So if you think you can get the best seats around this time, then you are only going to make yourself sad. However, if things don’t follow the normal routine, then you can be lucky enough to get your favourite seat.

  1. 7 to 13 days in advance

At around this time, the ticket rates are 22% lower if you waited to get the lowest rates. However, we won’t recommend you to book your tickets during this time. This is more of a risky zone and also, you won’t get any good seating options as all of them are already taken.

  1. 0 to 6 days in advance

This is called the last minute booking and you should avoid this at all costs unless you want to get ripped off. You should book tickets during this time only if it’s an absolute emergency for you. This booking zone is not at all a budget-friendly zone.

So these are the six booking zones. If you want cheap airfare tickets, then you should keep this in mind.

Getting cheap flight tickets is the best feeling. The more you save on your flight tickets, the more you can spend on your trip. Make sure you follow the six booking zones rule from next time.