Bridal Jewellery Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

One of the most important ingredients in the making of a bride, is jewellery. No wedding is complete without the bride donning some of the most exquisite piece of jewellery ever. It forms the core of her entire look and is something that involves a lot of planning and research. Months before the wedding the bride and her family members start looking for that perfect piece of jewellery for the big day. Sometimes, this task can get a bit daunting because of the amount of importance it holds and help is welcome. 

The following list compiles some of the latest trends in bridal jewellery to watch out for in 2020. This forms a good foundation to start with as it gives some direction in the purchase decision. 

  • Exquisite wedding rings – no wedding is complete without the perfect diamond ring for ladies that the groom tries to hard to find. This is a trend that has been prevalent for ages and is just getting bigger as time passes. However, what must also be kept in mind that there is also a gradual shift towards ethical wedding rings which are essentially made of recycled gold or fair-trade gold and has vintage and conflict free diamonds. They are relatively less heavy on the pocket and can be found at a number of jewellers. 
  • Big Earrings – earrings are something that will never go out of style because they just change the entire look of the face. Small gold earrings designs have always been popular in the eyes of the bride; however, it is also slowly moving towards big traditional earrings. They give an ethereal look with traditional outfits and can be paired with just about anything. 
  • Oversized nose ring – nose rings were very popular in the early 1990s and everyone seemed to be wearing it in different sizes. Gradually the trend faded away but is slowly regaining popularity in the marriage circle. Big nose rings made of kundan and gold are finding their way back in the market and is becoming a favourite during the wedding season. It adds a very unique glow to the bride’s face and enhances the entire look. 
  • Exclusive temple jewellery – the temple jewellery has always been famous in the southern part of India among the brides but its unique and eye-catching designs are becoming quite the trend. A lot of these designs feature motifs of gods and goddesses and is also a reason why people prefer choosing this for such an auspicious occasion. They are made of gold and have some semi-precious stones in red and green attached to it. They match perfectly with a kanjeevaram saree and gives the look of complete royalty. 
  • Floral jewellery – flowers and weddings are like a match made in heaven but gradually the flowers are moving from just being something that beautifies the place, to something that finds place on the bride, herself. They make the entire look extremely beautiful and refreshing and are perfect for occasions like a sangeet or mehandi. 
  • Kundan Mathapati – mathapatis gives such a feel of royalty and are extremely eye-catching. They are embellished with stones and pearls and are available in a plethora of designs. 
  • Maharani Style Necklace – this piece of jewellery is multi-layered and makes the bride look like a true queen on her wedding day. It is available in a variety of patterns and is the perfect blend of fashion and traditional. 

These trends are extremely versatile in themselves, that there every bride out there is sure to find something that is perfect for her special day!