Common misconceptions about divorce


Everyone undergoes some significant change in their life mostly when it is about marriage or any other such option. This, however, contributes towards making the divorce process extremely tough. When you are to make decisions concerning your spouse, you need to be careful. 

If you and your spouse aren’t ready for divorce, then don’t do it. No matter what the process goes, you must proceed accordingly. Some of the most common misconceptions about divorce that people tend to have included the following

Only women will get support from spouses

This was very much true in the past. While women used to get spousal support in the past, this is no longer the case. With the changing times, the family roles are changing too. Women are making their mark in every field, and hence they are no longer dependent on men. 

With the changing gender roles, several men are staying at home as dads too. So, if you are under the notion that getting a divorce will only require the women to get spousal support, it won’t. Spousal support is offered to the spouse, who contributes to the family in a nonmonetary way. One of the necessary things to note is that spousal support is a very less occurring case in today’s generation. 

Each side gets half

People are under the belief that getting a divorce means to get equal share in everything. However, the court may take care of everything necessary for the division. This further contributes to the financial standing of support. But, sometimes, if everything is divided equally, people with more may walk away with more. 

Both the marital assets and non-marital assets are taken care of. The matrimonial assets may be divided among the spouses, but the non-marital assets are usually bestowed to the owner. Every asset is divided equitably and not in the ‘half’ manner. 

A divorce doesn’t need a lawyer

You may be under the belief that undergoing a divorce will hardly require you to have a lawyer. Although you surely can make it through the divorce process without a lawyer, you should prefer getting one.

Divorce isn’t warfare, and at the same time, it isn’t easy. The experienced Andrew Heft family law experts can eventually walk you through the process without much problem. The lawyers are aimed at guiding you through the process so that you can surely get positive results.