Dealing with Constipated Babies as a New Parent

Constipation is one of the main concerns of moms. Constipated babies become more troublesome especially when they have mild or severe pain in stomach. has pediatricians explaining the questions about poop. Finding the right answers and tactics to ease the baby in poop is important. Most pediatricians recommend Mamas and Papas promo code to moms who want to buy the best milk formulas, diets and even feeding equipments for babies. Dr. Joanna Rose, M.D, explains, “Some babies can go without bowel movements for a day or two but some pass the stool daily. Both types are normal. Moms should see whether they face trouble while passing the stool.”

Diagnosing the Constipation:

According to Dr. Joanna, it is not good for parents to rush to doctors when their babies show some symptoms. First of all, new parents should monitor the daily routines of a baby in order to develop basic understanding about her behavior. The first few days at hospital are very critical but the moms can relax because physicians are taking care of the baby. They are noticing the bowel movement, feeding routine and more. 

Diagnosing a constipated baby depends on certain symptoms. These symptoms are as given below. 

  • A baby doesn’t pass the stool for more than two days. 
  • A baby is slow in feeding or doesn’t want to get feed. 
  • A baby doesn’t burp after feeding.
  • A baby has pain in stomach and he cries when it hurts. 

Find a pediatrician and explain the situation. Depending on the diagnosis, the physician will recommend some medicines. 

Check the Milk Formula:

Mothers who feed the babies at home can prevent several problems.  Breastfeeding is one of the greatest options for babies. A baby develops basic nutrition, strength and ability to digest the diet while breastfeeding. On the other hand, babies who take some milk formula due to any reason may develop digestion issues. Buy a quality milk formula prescribed by the pediatrician. offers Mamas and Papas promo code on milk formulas and feeding materials. Remember this option in order to stay easy. 

Is your Baby Milk Allergic?

It is a rare case but it may be a reason. Finding the allergies at this stage is really difficult. Most moms will never learn about the milk allergies because they never consider it may happen. Using the best milk formulas is the only solution in this case. Moms should visit expert pediatricians if they suspect that their babies are milk allergic. Remember, it is hard to give some solid diets to babies. The digestive system is not yet strong enough to digest the proteins and carbohydrates. We suggest consulting a physician in this matter. Using a highly specific milk formula containing the basic essentials is important. Buying such formulas may be expensive that’s why applying Mamas and Papas promo code is necessary. Order the formulas online with discounted prices. Remember the if you are buying some baby essentials in Kuwait. This platform will let you shop with great savings.