Discrimination on the job comes in a lot of forms. Qualified employees may be denied an expected promotion or position. Well-performing workers may suddenly lose their job. Some employees face constant harassment because of their race. Every worker in the country is protected by federal laws against unfair treatment. If you are a victim of workplace discrimination due to your sex, gender, age, or race, you should take important steps to protect your legal rights. These steps include the following:

Consult an Employment Lawyer Immediately

Discrimination on the job is unlawful and your boss should comply with the law. When you face employment discrimination, you must get in touch with an employee discrimination lawyer in Austin right away. However, there are deadlines to when you can take action against your employer, so you should know your rights and legal options immediately. A great attorney will help you understand your rights under employment laws and what steps to take to protect yourself.

Keep Evidence of Discrimination

If you receive emails that contain correspondence that you can use as evidence of discrimination, do not delete them. Also, keep notes, documents, or performance reviews that contain discriminatory messages. You may need this information to prevent future discrimination on the job.

Moreover, it can help to write down everything in a notebook. This includes dates and times of incidents and all persons involved. So, if your employer has made despairing comments regarding your religious affiliation for weeks or months, then terminated your position, take note of their repeated comments because you can use them to prove you have been unfairly fired.

File a Complaint

You need to see an attorney before you file an official complaint. Your employer is responsible for making sure the workplace is free from discrimination; however, keep in mind that HR works for them. But, a lawyer has your best interest in mind. They know when and how to file your complaint. The best lawyer understands the complexities involved in moving forward against workplace discrimination. They will guide you each step of the way. Whether you have been discriminated against by a supervisor, manager, employer, or co-worker, you can hold them accountable for their actions.

Your attorney may advise you to try to resolve your issue in-house first. This means speaking with your boss or HR about it. But, if you cannot get the satisfactory outcome you desire, you can move forward with filing a complaint with the EEOC.