Different Men’s Tees and How to Wear Them

The evolution of the T-shirt has been impressive. The first prototype was developed in the late 1800s and has since undergone several transformations to now become one of the most versatile types of garments. If you are searching for men’s tees, see some of the different styles and when to wear them.

Crew Neck

These are the most common men’s tees that you will see. The crew neck has a circular neckline that is snug at the neck and will work best on men with narrow and long faces and sloped shoulders, in order to have a balanced silhouette. For a timeless look, nothing beats this style of T-shirt.

V-Neck Style

This type of shirt forms a V at the neck, just as the name suggests. Guys with broad shoulders and round faces should take advantage of this as it gives a slimmer look. It can be paired with an unbuttoned shirt since the neckline won’t show underneath.

The Henley

The Henley, also known as the Y-neck shirt, is a cross between the V neckline and crew. It comes with a buttoning placket and runs several inches deep. It’s designed to fit well over muscular chests. The buttons help increase the aesthetic appeal.

Polo T-Shirts

These T-shirts, made famous by golfers, are collared for a sense of formality. Men who have a lean frame can take advantage of this for the best look.

Scoop Neck

This type of T-shirt is a variation on the crew neck but the round neckline hangs a bit below the collarbone. It’s not as rugged as the other necklines and has some subtlety to it.

Raglan Sleeves

In addition to different necklines, there are different sleeve lengths. Long-sleeve tees are available in full length and three-quarter sleeve shirts take inspiration from baseball uniforms for this design. With this T-shirt, A diagonal seam attaches the sleeves instead of the generic seam that is straight up and down.

The Fit of Men’s Tees

An ill-fitting T-shirt can be a deal-breaker when it comes to style but a well-fitted one can do wonders. A good fit means the shirt is snug around the torso but still has enough room to circulate air and flatters your body style. If the T-shirt is baggy, then you may have gone up a size. If the T-shirt makes the arms and belly ooze out in weird ways, then your shirt is too small. Those with a narrow waist or broad shoulders should choose a tapered cut.

Different Prints

Plain T-shirts are a staple but there are also printed T-shirt styles and graphic T-shirts. Graphic and printed tees are a way to make a laid-back style statement, while a plain T-shirt can be styled just about any way.