Disinfectant Spray Buying Guide: Properties, Productiveness, Price & More 


 As the number of Coronavirus cases increases worldwide, people are taking extremely careful and all precautionary measures to protect themselves from the dangerous virus. Apart from maintaining social distancing and frequently washing hands, they are also keen to buy disinfectant spray and other cleaning products to keep the things at home free from germs and viruses. 


That being said, there is a sudden demand for disinfectants ever since the pandemic has hit worldwide. To protect your house from dirt and germs, it is paramount to disinfect your household surfaces, kitchen faucets, and mobile phones. The virus has compelled many people to buy cleaning agents that they get their hands on. But have you ever thought whether all these products are safe?  


You never know when a product could be harmful to your skin or your senses; hence it is necessary to choose a disinfectant spray that isn’t harsh. 


Disinfectant sprays are biochemical cleaning products that kill bacteria, germs, and possible viruses on the surface or objects. You can use the spray for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, clinics, and hospitals. 


Properties of the disinfectant spray: 


It helps to sterilize the exteriors 

It kills invisible bacteria and germs 

It is non-corrosive 

It is ecologically safe 

It does not create harsh reactions when you apply on surfaces 

It leaves no stains or unpleasant smell 


When you buy disinfectant spray, you must know about the following factors: 


 Check for product active


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been flocking to the stores to buy disinfectants. Many manufacturers have come with various such products containing toxic elements seeing the rise in the demand for such products. When you buy a cleaning agent, you should always check alcohol and chemical concentration to ensure its safety. Generally, the products that contain high levels of alcohol and other chemicals tend to stain certain surfaces. 


Type of surface


There are different types of disinfectants available in the market for different surfaces- mainly classify into a hard or soft surface. Choose a product that best suits your need and check whether it is suitable for your intended use. 


Product effectiveness


Some products are only meant to clean dirt. Hence, you should check the product effectiveness that suits your needs. It is always advisable to have a disinfectant that effectively eliminates bacteria and germs. Look for products that have been tested in the laboratory as additional proof of its efficacy. 


Whether you buy a disinfectant online or offline, it is better to compare its price and effectiveness. The price can range between Rs.200 and Rs.2000. However, the cost varies depending on quantity and usage. 


If you are looking for a long-lasting disinfectant spray, you can opt for a 7 Day Surface Disinfectant Shield Spray. This is a unique product that kills bacteria and germs, protecting you from the virus for seven days with just one spray; you are safe. Also, it has a pleasant fragrance. It is easily available online at an affordable price.