Essential Men’s Watches As Per The Choices

Are you rather one of those who have the impression of being naked without their watch or of those for whom the watch, only used to tell the time, has been dethroned by the smartphone? Whatever your type, find out why the watch should occupy a central place in your wardrobe.

It is one of the few accessories for men

You are going to tell us that we can wear rings, bracelets, bags, designer shoes. But on the one hand, you have to have the budget, and on the other hand, not all men are ready to play in this course. As for the watch, it remains a must-have that is at the same time virile, chic, elegant, sober and in tune with the times. Choose the men’s watches for the best results.

The bracelet can change everything

Whether you have an adventurer, casual, sportswear, chic, hipster look… You will inevitably find the watch you need. But be careful, don’t just focus on the bracelet. Know that the bracelets change. So look at the dial first and the strap options then.

Don’t be afraid of color

You tend to wear black, navy blue, beige. So your watch must necessarily be in these colors? Nay. Remember that a splash of color can spice up your outfit, so don’t be shy and dare.

Big dial or small dial?

It’s not just the size that matters, you’ve always been told that, right? The era of huge 46mm supremacy is over. Today, the essential is elsewhere: design and conception are the watchwords.

Precision of movement is not everything

We know that mechanical movement will never be as precise as electronics, that’s obvious. But if you really want to know the exact time it is in S second, look at the atomic clock! Otherwise, a beautiful watch will do the job perfectly.

You can have several

Who said you only have to have one watch? Like women and their handbags, men also have the right to have fun. For playing sports, gardening, going to a restaurant or to a wedding and for every occasion, its dedicated watch.

A Rolex is not necessarily a good investment

On paper, the Rolex is a dream, hence the famous phrase repeated many times “if at 50 you don’t have a Rolex, you have missed your life”. In fact, the truth is quite different. Between those which lose value directly after the purchase, those too bling which quickly seem old-fashioned and those whose movement is identical to other much less expensive models. It will be quickly understood that the dress does not always make the monk.

A good watch doesn’t have to be expensive

Let it be clear, innovative or technically efficient watches are available for less than € 250… And that’s good news for all of us, so let’s take note.

A smartwatch is not a watch

No, we should rather say that it is a gadget. Not the one you find in a Kinder egg, no, a great gadget for sure, but a gadget nonetheless. In short, too long to explain here, Mr. Watch will talk about it soon.

it’s what’s inside that counts

Don’t be fooled by the packaging, be careful of what’s inside. As we said in a previous article, it’s not just the physical that counts. So before buying the said watch, make sure that the seller and the point of sale are trustworthy.