Expansion and Distribution: What You Need To Grow Your Commercial Vehicle Count Today

When you manage a business that must launch a fleet of vehicles every day, you may have considered expanding your fleet. Vehicles are expensive, and they should not cost too much money every month. There are a few tips below that will help you expand your fleet responsibly.

Should You Buy Or Lease Vehicle?

Most companies have a combination of vehicles that were either leased or purchased with commercial auto leasing services. You may want to purchase some of your vehicles because you know you will use them throughout the year. Certain times of the year will be much busier than others, and you may choose to lease vehicles for short periods of time. A mixture of leasing and financing makes it much easier for you to control your fleet without overspending.

Find A Partner Who Will Help You With Your Vehicles

When you are leasing or purchasing vehicles, you need a partner who can help you find the right vehicles. A quality partner will give you a good price for each vehicle you buy, and the partner will give you short-term leases when needed. You can control how much you are spending on these vehicles, and you will not be surprised when you get bills from the dealer.

You Need Insurance For Each Vehicle

Insurance for your vehicles costs money, and you must find the best possible insurance policy for the lowest price. If you are investing in insurance, you need an agent who will work with you on each policy. The agent can help you create a simple policy for the vehicles you have financed, and you can add your leased vehicles to the policy when needed.

You Need To Store Your Vehicles Properly

If you expand your fleet, the vehicles must be stored properly. You need a garage or storage yard for the vehicles. You can protect the vehicles overnight with a security system or security guard who oversees the property. If your vehicles are stored, and the insurance premiums will drop.

You Need To Track Your Vehicles

When you track your vehicles, you know how far they are traveling every day, how much fuel you are using, and how efficient the vehicles are. You will spend far less money on fuel if you adjust your routes to make them more efficient, and you can find better routes for your drivers if you have tracked them during the day. Tracking also helps you keep your drivers safe. You can check in with your drivers if they have been in the same place for too long, and your drivers can send a panic signal if there is trouble.

Maintain Your Vehicles

You must spend money every year to maintain your vehicles, and you should budget for the amount it will cost to care for each vehicle during the year. When you maintain your vehicles properly, they will last much longer than they would otherwise. You can return leased vehicles in very good condition, and the vehicles you have financed will outlive their warranties.


As you plan to expand your business, you must expand your fleet without spending too much money. You can save money when you work with the appropriate partners, and you should find an insurance agent who will give you the best prices on insurance policies. Your company can complete all the routes that your customers need, and you can budget for tracking, maintenance, and monthly payments using this information. Your vehicles will perform well for your business, and you will never need to worry about losing money on your fleet vehicles during the year with a commercial auto leasing option for you.