Fun Toys That Teach Your Toddlers

As a kid, the best memories you had were likely about playtime. Be it a trip to the park or an afternoon of drawing at home, playtime can stimulate your kids’ imagination. This explains why parents choose educational toys because of how they can teach kids counting, colors, and the alphabet.

Skills needed in adult life like hand-eye coordination, memory, math, and vocabulary can come with writing tablets, play scooters, play-doh sets, and the like. With that said, which ones should you pick for your toddlers? There’s a variety of toys that each claim to have safety, reasonable pricing, or educational value.

Micro Scooters

Given that you’ll purchase these gifts for two to five-year-olds, having play vehicles would necessitate picking the easiest and safest one. This is where micro-scooters come in: they are less complicated to use than play cars but they can still let toddlers enjoy riding around. If you have several young kids, you can have them use micro-scooters. Just make sure there’s enough space for them to ride around, be it in your yard or at a safe public space.

When looking for micro scooters, make sure that they come with a three-wheel design, a fixed handlebar, a reliable brake, and a learn-to-steer mechanism. These will help ensure a safe and enjoyable ride for your little ones. You can also see if the toy is lightweight and comes in several colors.

LCD Writing Tablets

For gifts that can introduce your toddlers to shapes, color, and words, try LCD writing tablets. The screen doesn’t have elements that affect your toddler’s eyesight compared to computer monitors. It also has an anti-shatter material in case you’re worried about it breaking easily.

When using the tablet to draw or write, your kid won’t have to manually erase everything since these tablets normally come with one button for clearing the screen. It also comes with two styluses so that you won’t have to use actual pens for drawings. In buying an LCD writing tablet, make sure that it has durable construction and that the drawing can be easily seen regardless of sunlight.

Doodle Mats

Similar to writing tablets, drawing mats can hone your toddler’s fine motor skills and imagination. One of its perks is that it can be laid on the floor so your toddlers can draw on it while on their bellies. The mats and accompanying pens can work with clean water to erase doodles.

When looking for doodle mats, see if it’s big enough to accommodate more than one kid. This way, your kid can share the doodle mat with a friend or more. Not only would your kid hone his or her creativity and hand-eye coordination but social skills as well. Also, check if the mat is made of water-resistant nylon backing. This helps prevent messes when doodling with water.

Putty Playsets

Many of us grew up with play-doh and can attest to how fun it was. If you enjoyed this iconic material as a kid, let your toddler experience it. Putty playsets can let your toddlers build houses, mold objects, and other creative activities. Modern play-doh sets can now come in different colored cans, as well as stamps for your kids to make shapes out of.

When looking for putty playsets, see if one comes with a laminated mat. This will ensure your kid’s play area won’t become messy. If the playset comes with shapes and stamps, they should be able to get stored in the unit. Once you do get a set, keep in mind that you’ll eventually have to get extra play-doh because the existing ones might have been molded into structures that your kids like.

Play Ovens

If you have toddlers who show interest in what you do in the kitchen, give them play ovens. These sets can teach young kids about numbers, temperature, and kitchenware through music. Play ovens can provide interactive fun by having buttons that play songs when pushed. Some can also provide sizzle sounds to let your kids feel like they really are cooking.

When purchasing a play oven, make sure that all the pieces can be placed inside the oven. This way, you won’t have to worry about lost objects when bringing the toy outside. Also, check if the volume of the music can be adjustable and the buttons can last under constant pressure.

Talking Stuffed Animals

For those with toddlers that love animals, stuffed toys would be the obvious choice. Today’s stuffed animal toys now come with modern talking and music features. Many come with buttons that can make the toy recite animal facts about themselves. This educational feature can make your kids appreciate animals even more.

Compared to other toys, stuffed animals offer easier portability because of their lack of accompanying parts. They can also serve as surfaces for resting or cuddling, due to their soft material and cartoonish appearance. When choosing stuffed animal toys, check for the size to see if it’s appropriate for your toddler. Also, check if the phrases have enough variety to ensure your kid doesn’t tire of it so soon.

LEGO Building Kits

Like Play-doh, LEGO counts as another iconic toy that many of us grew up. This multi-piece kit teaches toddlers about how shapes function – how it makes it possible for buildings and cars to exist. It also invites young kids to stretch their imagination by having them build all manner of construction, from houses to bridges.

Not all LEGO building kits are the same, so pick one that your toddler will enjoy. You can look for a kit that comes in your kid’s favorite color or one that lets them build more cars instead of houses. LEGO kits normally come with storage boxes, making it easier to store each piece once playtime is over.

Fun Toys That Teach Your Toddlers

These toys serve as examples that playtime doesn’t have to be an unproductive activity – it can be an educational and fun one that lets your kids hone their creativity, counting, and motor skills. By taking these tips to heart, you should be able to get the right toys that can teach your toddlers.