Here are the Best Places to live in the USA for Immigrants! 

Looking to attend the citizenship conference in India? Well, if you are planning for the US, we have come with something useful for you. 

Talking about the fiscal year 2020, the USA issues 50,000 Diversity Visas. Every year the US admits new citizens through their Diversity Visa Lottery Program, popularly known as the Green Card Lottery. And apart from this, there are family sponsored, special and employment based visas issued annually, exceeding already 500000 visas a year. Along with the people going through the legal route, there are those, who don’t have such chance and enter or stay in America without having proper documents, thus automatically becoming illegal immigrants.

Undoubtedly, USA is one of the most renowned destinations all across the globe for both legal and illegal immigrants. Currently, 25 of all American residents are first or second generation immigrants and 8% of all newborns in the country have at least one parent as an illegal immigrant. 

The truth is that America is actually built on immigration. However, the disposition of foreigners in America is variable and at times contradictory within the present day US residents. While some American citizens are of the opinion that immigrants strengthen the American economy, their opponents say that the immigrants occupy the working places of the US citizens. 

However, there are immigrant-friendly states in the USA and we are going to unveil the places that are most favorable for the newcomers in America: 

  • California

It is considered as one of the best US state for immigrants with respect to the presence and wealth of foreign-born population. While the Trump administration attacked severely illegal immigration it passed a bill providing protection to the non-natives in the state. And hence, it was also called the first ‘sanctuary state’ of the nation. 

Non-native residents in California are around 27% of the population, the highest in the USA. On an average, each fifth green card grantee is Californians.  The majority of immigrants in the state are Latin American or Asian both 51% and 39% respectively. 

  • Alaska

It is the second US state that is friendly to the newcomers. Alaska has 5% of the foreign born residents. Alaska bespeaks a minimal gap in the rate of poverty between the US citizens and non-citizen settlers. From the unemployment respective, it is quite lower in this area for the immigrants than for the natives roughly 3% and 6% respectively. 

  • West Virginia 

It comprises of 5% of the no-native population and the residents are quite prosperous here. It is one in three areas that boasts higher median income of the immigrant households compared to that of the native-born residents. Non-native West Virginians grab more college degrees than the natives and are also less likely to stay employed. 

Safe Cities in USA for the Immigrants

  • San Francisco, California 

Now, it holds the topmost ranking when it comes to safe cities in the USA. The only drawback is the cost of living in the state. San Francisco can be termed as the paradise for newcomers as the city ranks high in graduation from high school figures and public transportation affordability. 

  • Chicago, Illinois

The city comes with a municipal ID program, preserves high minimum wage and universal policies in pre-school, and sanctuary spheres. The cost of living in Chicago is much lower than one in San Francisco and then New York, following the list. 

  • New York, New York 

It comes at the third place because of its high cost of living and the disintegrating mass transit system. But still it sails past many other metropolitan cities because of its overall friendliness towards the newcomers. The city has the largest public ID program and restricts the cooperation between the law enforcement bodies and ICE. 

So what place in US are you planning about? Attending a citzenship conference will help you explore different opportunities in the USA for sustainable progress.