CLAT 2022, or the Common Law Admission Test, is a method to get into some of the best law schools in the country, as well as some of the best educational institutions. Without coaching, preparation is difficult but not impossible provided you have a solid plan and strategy in place. Joining a CLAT coaching institution has become fashionable. Coaching schools seem to be adept at persuading students that coaching is required to pass law school admission examinations. That, however, is not the case. Candidates who have not received any formal training may still pass the CLAT test with flying colors.

Candidates must follow a well-planned and well-thought-out CLAT preparation strategy for 2022 to succeed. Aside from that, it is critical for applicants to be fully committed to and consistent with their CLAT preparation. We have included all of the necessary tips and techniques for preparing for the CLAT preparation without coaching in this post, as well as essential books, previous year’s question papers, prior year’s topper advice, and more.

Exam Pattern for CLAT 2022

CLAT 2022 will be a two-hour examination with 150 multiple-choice questions worth one point each. Every incorrect answer will result in a 0.25 point deduction.

Subjects No. of Questions
English Language 28-32 Questions
Current Affairs including General Knowledge 35-39 Questions
Legal Reasoning 35-39 Questions
Logical Reasoning 28-32 Questions
Quantitative Techniques 13-17 Questions

How to prepare for CLAT 2021 without coaching?

Below are some crucial CLAT preparation tips for 2022 for acing the law entrance test without enrolling in a tutoring program:

  • Begin early

The first and most important step toward successful CLAT preparation is to begin studying as soon as possible. Starting early with CLAT preparation allows you to complete the curriculum on time, giving you plenty of opportunities to practice previous year’s question papers and mock exams. As a result, don’t wait until the final two or three months to begin CLAT preparation; start now.

  • Make a study schedule:

It is essential to organize your study carefully to ace CLAT 2022. Candidates are encouraged to create weekly and monthly timetables outlining which courses and topics they will study and how much time they would devote to each. Candidates should devote seven to eight hours each day to studying, with one-hour breaks every two hours. Breaks should be used to recharge by listening to music, viewing movies, resting, and so on. Remember that to do well on the CLAT, you must remain cool, which necessitates frequent pauses in between studying.

  • Revise:

It’s crucial to revise to remember what you’ve previously learned for a longer period. Candidates are encouraged to include five days of study and two days of review in their weekly schedules for this reason with BYJU’s Exam Prep.

  • Practice:

The secret to passing the national-level law entrance exam is to practice previous years’ CLAT question papers and mock exams. While students should continue to practice questions for various parts throughout their normal course of study, they should try previous year question papers and CLAT mock tests after they have completed the CLAT curriculum.

  • Strengthen weaker areas:

During CLAT preparation, applicants may become aware of the topics and disciplines they are lacking in. In such situations, additional emphasis should be placed on strengthening weak areas in preparation for the test by going over the fundamentals again and discussing the topic(s) with other candidates and mentors, if any. Candidates may also use online videos to brush up on their fundamentals in areas where they need additional information.

Pro Tips: How to Prepare for CLAT Without Coaching

Looking up to previous years’ test toppers and their study methods is one of the finest approaches to prepare for CLAT 2022 without coaching. Below are some CLAT preparation suggestions from previous year’s top scorers:

  • Plan your preparation in two parts: the first six months should be spent focusing on weaker areas, and the second six months should be spent preparing for all sections.
  • Make a subject-by-subject timetable for each day.
  • Stick to the schedule and try to cover as many subjects as possible.
  • Study at least three topics each day, including your weak areas. To improve your test speed, practice as many CLAT question papers as possible.
  • Take as many CLAT practice exams as you can and analyze your results to improve your shortcomings.
  • Don’t get discouraged by a poor mock test.

Important books for the preparation of CLAT 2021

  • The Pearson Guide to the CLAT
  • Pearson’s Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning
  • Pearson’s Guide to the CLAT
  • Manorama Year Book
  • General Knowledge 2021, 2020 by Arihant Publications
  • Pearson’s Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations
  • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal
  • A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  • Analytical Reasoning (English) by MK Pandey

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