Has the time come for you to rent your first office?


Moving from your home-based office to an appropriate workspace where you and your employees will have enough space and proper tools for work is a significant step.

However, it’s not as simple as finding a cute office you like and saying “yes”. There are several important factors to consider when renting office space so that your team can thrive in it.

Here, we bring you the ultimate checklist for renting your first office.

Pick a Good Location

Location is important both for your employees and for your clientele.

What this means is that you should preferably pick a location that is close to your employees so that the commute isn’t an issue. If you still operate alone, then it’s even easier to find an office in a good location.

However, keep in mind that you might be expanding very soon.

Another important aspect when it comes to location concerns your clients. The office should be accessible to your customers and easy to find. By this we mean it should be relatively easy to reach via public transport and be at a visible spot.

Downtown locations might seem super enticing but consider your industry and whether it would pay off given the high rents in high-end locations.

Closeness to amenities and other useful businesses is also important when choosing a location. For example, your team might go out for lunch every day so in this case, it would be important to be located near such establishments.

Consider the Layout

The layout of your first office is just as important. You need to think about the size of your team and your needs.

Will there be enough space for everyone?

Can you fit all the desks and other equipment that your team needs?

Do you prefer an open space or separate cubicles?

The choice you make should reflect your team’s work style as well as your needs. Consider what type of layout would be most suitable for your team and their productivity.

You could also consult them in this matter to gain insight into their opinions. After all, your team is what makes your business so it’s essential to provide office space that meets their needs.

Plan Your Budget Carefully

Before you set out looking for office space, plan your budget. Choosing an office might seem simple but the rent and added costs can become a headache.

You should create a plan including the expected costs and targets.

You must not forget that you won’t be just paying for the space but for utilities too. There are general maintenance fees, electrical power fees, air conditioning, etc. Make sure to factor all this into your budget plan.

Make sure you find office space with the rent you can actually afford. Renting a slightly more expensive office for the sake of the view or the stunning design could cause you to plunge into debt really soon. Instead, determine a price and stick to it.

Think about a long-term lease as this can turn out to be more cost-efficient. Also, consider contacting a professional property management company that handles such matters, such as SCK Property, and seek advice from them.

Ensure the Contract is Clear

A vital factor when renting office space is the contract. Don’t just blindly sign any lease without carefully reading and understanding it because the consequences could be dire. Remember that you will be tied by a contract so make sure the terms suit you.

Read the contract carefully and check who pays for repairs, you or the landlord? If it’s you, you need to add that to your budget plan as well.

Most importantly, make sure you can afford to commit to this lease as this is a huge responsibility. Making this move at the wrong time when your business isn’t ready for it could have devastating consequences.

Make sure you understand what happens if you break the lease before it expires. No one can predict what the future holds and you might have to leave that office at some point. Be aware of any fees you could incur if you break the lease early.

If the timing is right and you make a good, detailed strategy for the move, your new office could help you grow your business.

Don’t Rush Things

The most important thing when renting your first office is to take things slowly. Don’t be in a rush to find a new office and settle in because you could oversee important, costly factors and jeopardize your business.

Take your time to research potential locations and plan your strategy for relocation. Put everything on paper and know what you’re committing to.

The goal is to move to a functional office space that will allow you and your employees to focus on work and meet your goals.