BBQs 2u family is a proud and leading seller of the modernized version of the traditional charcoal ovens and grills. They have the authorization to sell Kamado Joe grills and Napoleon barbeques, which are known for creating engineering masterpieces to produce the texture and taste of food that is only produced in professional kitchens with brick ovens.

With a passion to pass down the art of grilling, BBQs 2u continues to market the latest technology products that suit modern living are easy to use even in residential setups and still produce food flavored with charcoal smoke.

BBQs 2u marketing head guarantees that their prices are unmatched in the entire market while their customer service ensures that their customers are valued and are dealt with integrity under any circumstances.

They now have a huge customer base that vouches that they can now get their favorite products at their doorsteps in almost no time so that they can pursue their passion for grilling without having to deal with the hassle of constructing their brick ovens, which also calls for messy smoke in their environment.

Napoleon BBQs is the number one manufacturing brand of barbeques and its accessories that is known for mastering its art for creating technology that eases out the cooking process for home chefs. Whether their customers favor charcoal as the fuel or propane gas, everyone can enjoy amazing tasting food every time a napoleon appliance is used in their backyard. The best features of these barbeque appliances are:

  • They carry the latest innovative technologies from Canada.
  • With the lid on, cooking with charcoal becomes easy as no one has to deal with inhaling smoke and getting covered up with soot.
  • The outer bodies of these appliances are water-resistant and sturdy to withstand all forms of weather conditions.
  • Cleaning is very easy.
  • Almost all their products come with 10 years of guarantee.

Gas grilling is very popular nowadays and with Napoleon barbeques and portable grills, it even becomes easier.

Another best-selling product sold by BBQs 2u is the Gravity series of charcoal grills. Under the MasterBuilt Gravity series Black Friday sale, huge discounts can be availed on these products if the purchase is made from their website. The grill is known to produce big bold smoky charcoal flavor in everything that is cooked inside these grills.

The Gravity series grills also have a temperature control dial for its pellet smoker. Irrespective of the type of charcoal available, lump wood or briquettes, the grill works perfectly fine with bone without the need for any up-gradation. Slow cooking a roast chicken or searing on high flames everything can be attained with this versatile piece of appliance installed in the backyard.

The latest Napoleon Rouge range of barbeques can be checked out at the YouTube channel of BBQs 2u for its functionality and ease of use. People can easily check out how one single appliance can be used in so many versatile ways to create food for the entire family on weekends and during festivities. Not to forget, the appliance lasts more than a decade and ensures that the taste of the food remains consistent year after year.