How Whey Protein Helps With Muscle Building?

Whey protein is not only one of the most studied and tested protein supplements in the market today, but it is also known to improve satiety (keeping you feeling full all day long), encourage weight loss and boost muscle development. Whey protein is a must-have for any athletic professional, runner, bodybuilder, regular gym-goer or anyone trying to enhance their fitness for those reasons.


  • Contains Nutrients That Forms Building Block of Muscles


Muscle is protein-forming tissue. Muscle tissue consists of fibers, and certain fibers consist of amino-acid molecular chains. Whey protein contains all nine essential amino acids, including an extra high dose of amino acid leucine, which is evident in promoting muscle protein synthesis effectively and is vital to gain optimal muscle mass.

  1. Quickly Absorbed In The Body

If your ultimate goal is to build muscle mass, it’s important to pay close attention to the quality and make sure you get the best whey protein in Dubai to add to your diet, particularly in the 2-3 hours before and after your gym session.

Your body must consume the protein and transport it to the blood for the body to use protein, where it will then circulate to the different tissues inside the body. Many types of protein (like animal meat, for example), are hard to break down into smaller particles for the body. For certain cases it may take the body hours to break down a common source of protein.

3.Supports the Release of Hormones

Protein timing is one technique that is frequently concentrated on by high-level athletes and fitness enthusiasts to enhance the physiological response of the body to vigorous exercise. Protein timing is considered to have an effect on growth hormones. The more growth hormone is found in an individual’s body, the more muscle mass they can gain. Whey should be one of your ‘go to’ protein sources, especially during the pre-and post-workout period, if you want to improve on muscle strength and anabolism.

  1. Helps You Keep In Track Of Your Protein Goals

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an “ordinary Joe” who puts in time to develop your overall body composition at the gym, eating enough protein every day is one of the key components. If you’re a person who likes to eat a few whole foods every day, try using a whey protein powder in between meals to get in a few extra grams of protein for the rest of the day. You’ll discover that whey protein is not only perfect for muscle building, but 1-2 shakes a day will also help you remain full as it has been shown to have a big effect on satiety.