Medical Malpractice Cases Around the US

Medical malpractice cases range from careless mistakes to life-changing decisions.  And, with all the best-known cases, medical malpractice lawyers were involved in helping seek justice.

$229.6 Million

The largest malpractice award in Maryland came after only three hours of deliberation.

A mother was in induced labor for 22 hours. The doctors diagnosed her with preeclampsia but did not inform her fully about a safer route of delivery.

Because the physicians did not perform a C-section, the infant developed cerebral palsy due to brain damage.

The jury in the case found credible evidence of medical malpractice.

$1 Million

Everyone has fundamental rights, even in prison.

In July 2019, a released inmate sued a jail’s health services because they did not properly treat a broken finger. He injured himself playing sports in the yard, and when he went to the doctor, they simply gave him an icepack.

After 100 days of the physician taking no action, an orthopedic specialist advised that the broken digit did not heal correctly and required surgery.

The jury found the medical institution at fault.

$216.7 Million

Sometimes others have to advocate for loved ones after an incident of malpractice.

A man went to an emergency room with stroke symptoms.  The patient explained a history of strokes, too.

The doctor diagnosed him with sinusitis and gave him pain medication. By the next day, his brain swelled and required surgery. After three months in a coma, he awoke and now has limited cognitive abilities.

The jury had little doubt about the final verdict and award.

The one thing every one of these cases has in common is that medical malpractice lawyers fought for each patient, regardless of the situation.  Everyone has the right to quality care and to come out of the other side, safe and sound.