Infuse Festive Flair: 5 Creative Ways to Style Your Red Top for the Holiday Season!

Festivals are the best times for happiness, holiday cheer, and stunning attire. And it’s the Christmas season!! The entire town will be decorated with red paint to enjoy the festive vibes. Who doesn’t love to showcase their fashion sense on Christmas, whether you are celebrating it at home with family or enjoying it with friends or colleagues at intimate gatherings? If yes, perhaps it is time to revamp your wardrobe collection with stylish red tops to ensure you have the best OOTDs for the occasion!

All the top fashion brands, including ONLY, have revamped their Christmas collections with stylish tops for women. From crop tops to evening gowns, you will get all the festive designs in beautiful colours, like red, green, or metallic tones, to create a jaw-dropping outfit for the occasion on these fashion brands. 

Red is a colour synonymous with warmth, joy, and celebration. It renders the red tops for women the perfect choice for holiday gatherings and events. The challenge is to style the red tops to create fabulous Christmas party attire. If you have a collection of classic red tops in your wardrobe, you are already halfway there in creating a stylish outfit for this Christmas. 

Check out these creative ways to dress up stylish red tops for women in chic ways, ensuring you make a statement with your best festive attire. 

  • Velvet And Lace Extravaganza

The stylish tops for women with the richness of velvet, when combined with the delicate charm of laces, provide the most luxurious festive ensembles. You can wear velvet skirts or pants and pair them with lacy red shirts to add a touch of elegance to your attire. 

  • Merry Metallics: Shine Bright

Incorporating metallic elements into your Christmas outfit can add a glamorous twist to your attire. Pair your red tops with metallic skirts, trousers, or sequined skirts, and be in the spotlight with these dazzling combinations. Finish off your festive look with metallic accessories that complement your ensemble. 

  • Tulle And Twirls: Whimsical Elegance

Pairing a red top with a tulle skirt can make you nothing more than a beautiful princess this festive season. Colours like white or gold in a tulle skirt can help you create a whimsical and elegant silhouette paired with a stylish red top. It’s a dreamy combination, perfect for every Christmas party.

  • Cropped Chic: High-Waisted Glam

A red-coloured crop top with high-waisted jeans or a skirt is a go-to choice for every fashionista. It creates the most modern and chic Christmas outfit that is both stylish and comfortable. Complete your look with ankle boots or heels for an elevated touch. 

  • Festive Jumpsuit; Effortless Elegance

Swap out your festive jumpsuits to avoid the hassle of matching your red top with a bottom. Choose a red jumpsuit or pair your red top with wide-leg trousers for a turning-head look at your party. 


This festive season, make a statement and spread holiday cheer with stylish red tops offered by top brands like ONLY!!!