Is your current roof covered under your insurance?


Homeowners insurance is something every homeowner needs to have regardless if they have an open loan out on their mortgage or not. Insurance protects you in the event that a disaster happens or you’re burglarized.

And, if you’re not familiar with your insurance policy, you may realize when you go to file a claim that you don’t actually qualify for one. For instance, if you have a bad roof and you don’t keep it updated, your insurance company may use that as a basis to void any claims that you make inside your home.

A roof is the forefront of your home. It’s what protects it in the event of water damage, hail, rodents, or other natural disasters that may happen.

Speak with your insurance company

It’s important you speak with your insurance agent to discuss if your current roof is one that will limit your insurance policy or not. Most insurance companies will refuse to give homeowners insurance on a property with a roof that’s in bad condition or is over 20-years old.

If you think your roof should qualify and your insurance underwriter does not, you should ask to have the insurance company send an inspection agent to your property to do a proper inspection. This will help clear up any concerns either party has.


If your insurance company insists that your roof is not in good enough condition to be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy, or you feel your roof is not in good condition, it’s likely that you’ve reached the lifespan of your roof and you should consider budgeting for a replacement.

To prolong your roof and protect your house, choose between metal roofing and shingles. Both have their own set of benefits for your home and depending on your area, one may be better than the other.