Landscaping Tips for Property Managers


Whether it’s a landscaped lawn, a pretty patio, or porch area, we have a few essential tips for property management that will help you to beautify your landscape and also cut down on the amount of time you need to invest for upkeep.

Here are a few landscaping tips that will leave your property pristine and ready for outdoor fun.

Property Management: Dought-Tolerant Landscaping

One way to ensure a beautiful landscape during the hot days of summer is to prepare by choosing drought-tolerant shrubs and flowers.

They’re an excellent choice for water conservation as well as a great time-saver because they’re low maintenance. Lilac, the Butterfly Bush, and Bayberry are all beautiful choices for a drought-resistance, low maintenance landscape.

What’s more—if you choose perennials, they’ll return each year as more mature plants. What this means for you is that you also save time by not having to replant annuals.

Choose the Perfect Time to Water

Of course, part of what you’d expect from a property management company is landscape maintenance that includes mowing the lawn each week to keep it manicured and healthy. When it comes to watering the lawn, be sure to schedule that part of the maintenance for the morning hours.

If you water in the afternoon, the liquid will quickly evaporate. Likewise, the water may not absorb, leaving the grass damp and causing fungus to grow if you water in the evening and leave the lawn to sit overnight. However, watering in the morning gives the roots time to soak up the moisture and time to dry out without getting scorched during the heat of the day.

Fertilize, Aerate, and Weed

Finally, clear the grounds of weeds regularly, make sure to aerate the soil, and fertilize the lawn and garden as needed.