Making Your Room Shine On 2020: Glitter Wallpaper

Bling is the thing for 2020 and the future in decor and style for the home is brighter than ever. The sparkle, glimmer, and shine can bring life and distinction to any and every room in a specific stylized manner. 

From the basics and neutrals to over the top style, there is a place for adding shine that through natural or deliberate lighting makes your eyes dance. Room design is bold and steps in to 2020 with glimmering wallpaper, floors and more.

Everyday Elegance

Elegance, an elevated upscale feel is what 2020 is all about making the most use of the what each room displays from sofa, tables, artwork and more to make your room dance and shine. Think out of the mundane, traditional, old box and move sparkle to the forefront in areas previously taboo like walls, grout, fireplaces, closets, and floors.

This means taking the old mindset of thinking that glitter and bling is tacky, girly and overdone; then replacing that thinking with tasteful touches nestled or displayed alongside, within, or among natural materials glitter floor to walls. The art of manufacturing glitter wallpaper with high lustre finish without losing any glitter flakes over time.

This great option would benefit from support pieces in silks, satin, sequins even velvet touches in pillows, drapes, bedding, to bring the room to life changing the aesthetic to elevated. Think of that space where great meals are made, the kitchen with a bit of sparkle detail on a back splash, counter top takes that space from functional only to fabulous. Appliances can shine in their own right. Take stainless steel, aluminum or other metal like copper accents fill a typical kitchen with a richness it deserves and that is a type of sparkle.

Shiny and Clean

The least area often with less than stylish aspects are the laundry room. Often thrown together and dull in color palette will appreciate a bit of the sparkle not to be left out. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in the necessary space doing a load of sheets with a smile and pleasing attitude at the possibilities. Here add sparkly resin flooring, counters, and a metal shiny signage as an opportunity to add a great touch making this laundry room luxurious and worth every moment spent there maybe even with a touch of glitter wall paper. Remember dazzle can equate to glamour if done tastefully and with some restraint even in the least thought about area the laundry room.

To the Window to the Walls

Take a wall that is often a great blank canvas that many fill with paint, or artwork. What if the walls experienced wallpaper or mirrors add the shine that draws the eyes and senses into rest, recharge or just reflect. Sometimes it is a specific artistic piece in gold, silver, mirrored texture or finish that makes the room come alive. Glitter wallpaper on an accent wall in a living room, bedroom closet or any space brings it up a notch. Today’s textiles in this form of wallpaper is not your grandmas floral. The techniques and applications are subtle and sophisticated by design not overwhelming or over the top. Glitter wallpaper comes in a variety of hues. Silver glitter which can dramatic yet timeless. If you want to take it up a notch or dive into dimension try a bit of shimmer on a bold print to a feature wall.

Making 2020 about growth in design culture of this new decade starts with research. Take a look at what is out there and what glitter and shine done right makes for any and every home in wallpaper, artwork, and every space.