Places To Visit Near Bangalore For a Bike Ride

Bangalore is no doubt a vacationer’s paradise. Blessed with balmy weather, vacationing in Bangalore is no less than a boon. Gardens, restaurants, clubs, pubs, and theatres are the common weekend gateways near Bangalore. However, for all those who have their personal bike, weekends are reserved for adventures. If you’ve got your own bike, you may understand it quite well what it means to explore every nook and corner of your city. So, let’s start and explore some of the best places to explore near Bangalore with a bike ride – 

Skandagiri – 

Skandagiri is an excellent vacationing destination to explore near Chikballapur. The land is popular to create an illustration as if you are walking above clouds. Locals of Bangalore and other areas prefer a weekend bike ride to the Skandagiri to enjoy a night trek. The night trek usually begins sharply at 02:00 am when the trekkers continue to climb the peak and reach the top summit to adore the sunrise. 

Distance from Bangalore – 70 km 

Best time – November to February 

Time to reach – 1.5 hours 

Sangam – 

Sangam, as the name suggests, is more or less a confluence where you can witness the meeting of two rivers – Kaveri and Arkavathi. This piece of wonderment is probably one of the best road trips to be enjoyed with your soulmate. Just make sure that you carry a sufficient amount of sunscreen to guard your skin and that of your companions from the wrath of the sun. 

Distance from Bangalore – 95 km 

Best time – Summers for a coracle ride 

Time to reach – 2 hours 

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Avalabetta – 

Avalabetta is a hilly retreat for all the bike trip enthusiasts as a sense of serene atmosphere crowns its presence. Although labeled as a laidback destination, it is still amongst the most enjoyable ones. 

Distance from Bangalore – 90 km 

Best Time – Year-round destination 

Time to reach – 2 hours 


Lepakshi – 

Lepakshi, a small shrine entirely dedicated to Papanesheshvara and is marked with a natural rock shelter. The place is adored for its magnificence and rich historical significance. So, if you are desirous of seeking spiritual relief after on coming weekends, a bike trip to Lepakshi is something you should emphasize more on and if you are heading here for the first time it is always better to know more about it which you can see at thrillophilia reviews.

Distance from Bangalore – 150 km 

Best Time – Anytime 

Time to reach – 3.5 hours 

Wayanad – 

This is a picturesque destination nestling amidst the lush green forest cover of the Western Ghats. A weekend ride to the Wayanad will give you the best experience of your life as you will be trespassing some of the spotted animals, waterfalls, and forest covers. If you are travelling at night, make sure that you do not drive off-road and stay patient and relaxed with your journey. 

Distance from Bangalore – 270 km 

Best Time – Anytime (Except Monsoons)

Time to reach – 5 to 6 hours