Six ways borage oil can help your skin problems

Do you want to know more about precisely what is borage oil, and what benefit does the borage oil Provides

From dry skin problem to any skin related disease, the borage oil can do all sorts of healing you might not have thought of before. Borage oil is a versatile solution to any skin related problem. Borage oil is making a wave in the skincare industry by doing wonders to the skin.

The linolenic acid in this oil is the game-changer here. This acid improves our skin’s protective barrier. Having a healthy protective layer in our skin can protect from most of the skin problems. Let’s know some more about borage oil below!

What is borage oil?

Starflower is commonly known as borage flower. And the oil that is taken from the seeds of the borage is called borage oil. This oil is one of the natural oxidant rich oil as it contains 24% of gamma-linolenic acid. It’s been used and known for at least 1500 years for the benefit it provides

Borage oil helps to Treat all kind of inflammation

As a severe dermatitis patient, I know how it feels like suffering from inflammation in the skin. Skin diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis even eczema and rosacea kill our self-confidence. But the inflammation is more severe and painful to bear. In this situation, take help of borage oil to calm down your inflammation.

Borage oil Help to treat  stretch marks

Our skin gets stretched after losing some extra weight or even gaining weight. Yes, we can be confident in our skin the way it is. But if you want to do something about your marks desperately, then take help from borage oil. The nourishment from the borage oil will make the appearance of stretch marks lighter.

Borage oil is Savior for the dry skin.

Dry skin feels like dessert, and the sad part is you can get water somehow in the desert. But not in your dry skin. For super hydrated and supple skin, mix two-three drops of borage oil with your regular moisturizer. If you do that at night, it will benefit more. Some people cannot use moisturizer in their skin for acne. They can use borage oil as a moisturizer because borage oil does not trigger acne at all.

Borage oil is an Acne reducer.

Acne was a nightmare for teenagers. But with time when the pollution is in the air, everyone is suffering from acne. And an excellent product to reduce acne is an impossible task. Linolenic acid, which is in borage oil, has reduced micro comedones by 25% in most users. But you have to use it consistently for at least a month.

The idea of putting oil into your skin for curing acne does not seem convincing for most. But honestly, borage oil is not comedogenic like coconut oil. This dry oil is an oil but mostly a serum in its effectiveness and consistency.

Borage oil has Antiaging benefits.

We all want to stay young like ageing is the most unnatural process. We love to spend a lot on the antiaging products that do not work. But we are impressed by the ad anyway.  Certain things are great for the skin to prevent ageing. For this use reliable and natural products than using loads of chemicals. Borage oil gives antiaging benefits with the anti-oxidants in it.

Borage oil Helps with fatty acid imbalance

We all know how vital fatty acid is for our overall health. It’s such a blessing for our skin as well.  If you have deficiencies of fatty acid, you can eat borage oil supplements and apply the oil all over your skin. But obviously, consult your doctor before taking any supplements as your diet. But there are pieces of evidence that show borage oil has worked to treat skin disorders. Besides that, take care of yourself and eat a healthy diet.