Tips For Packing Your Shoes, Before You Move


10 tips to move with your shoes

One of the biggest headaches one will experience is moving. The hassle of packing up everything you own and have collected over the years and shoving them into a box. All this before packing it into a truck and traveling whatever distance the move is; whether it be a few miles or several hundred. Only to have to go unpack everything. Well, moving company Dallas is here to help you with one of those pain stacking tasks; How to pack your shoes.

If you are like me, you’ve spent timeless hours and dollars on your shoes. Because everyone knows you can make or break an outfit but your choice of shoes. So just throwing them into an empty box isn’t an option for me. I’m going to share with you ten of my favorite tips and tricks to packing and moving with your beloved footwear.


My first bit of advice is to breathe. Just take a few minutes and relax. Packing can be very stressful. But don’t fret, everything is going to work out for the better in the end.

  1. Organize!

Start by sorting each pair. I usually do style then by color. Followed by what kind of occasion I’d wear them for.

3.Throw out the trash

We are all guilty of it; hoarding those old sneakers that are worn in because they are comfortable. Or even those cute heels we wore once, but haven’t touched since because they were uncomfortable. Well here is a great time to purge those space wasters. Plus it gives you a reason to go out and purchase more shoes, once the move it over.

  1. Packing

 If you kept the boxes that your shoes came in, awesome! they will come in handy. But if you didn’t you can purchase blank shoe boxes on websites like they have several sizes, and styles to pick from. I purchased ones I could use after the move to help keep my closet nicely organized.


Take a few minutes to clean your footwear. Remove the dust and debris from the surface.


Take notices of which pair needs to be repaired.


Next, wrap all your shoes in paper towels, or tissue paper, individually. Try to avoid anything with designs or patterns, Especially old newspapers. It only takes a second for those prints to stain your favorite pair of Jimmy Choos.

  1. Socks

There’s nothing more frustrating to me than having to unflatten the toe area of my shoes. I’ve found that stuffing a rolled-up sock into the toes helps that problem. And honestly, it’s a great place to store your socks while moving.

  1. Moisture

Don’t forget that shoes carry moisture. So throw in those little moisture-absorbing packs into each box. Believe me, it will save you a sad meltdown later.

  1. Keep your favorite close

If you are like me, unpacking and organizing your closet, especially your shoes, aren’t on the high part of your unpacking list. So do your self the huge favor and keep your favorite pairs close by. That way when you go back to work, or out on the town you aren’t having to sift through every box.

Here at moving company Dallas we take moving seriously. Your satisfaction is our utmost importance. So with these little tips and tricks, your shoes will be transported safe and sound to their new home. My best of luck to you.