Top Trampoline Workouts for Kids & Adults

It is vital to remember that trampoline is not just about entertainment. It is also a great way to exercise and lose weight because it features cardio workout properties.

Based on various studies, jumping on a trampoline is a highly effective exercise, much better and safer than running or jogging.

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You can combine either high or low-intensity exercises, which will help you lose weight much better than other options. Of course, we can differentiate numerous trampoline exercises that you can implement, which should be your fitness routine.

Generally, it can help you:

  • Boost posture and balance
  • Improve toning and muscle development
  • Enhance core strength and coordination
  • Reduce impact on ligaments and bones
  • Boost cardiovascular fitness

The Best Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss

If you wish to start jumping on a trampoline to boost your overall fitness, we recommend considering the exercises that will help you lose weight.

  • Straight Jump – This particular exercise is a great option that will help you loosen ligaments and joints, burn calories, warm-up, and prepare for HIIT. It is a traditional option to slightly bend your knees and arms while bouncing up and down. Hopping on the spot is a great way to cool-down after a high-intensity workout. It would be best if you start by jumping for at least two minutes. We recommend you count the number of times you can jump up and down in this particular period. That way, you can compare your results and find how much you can improve in one month.
  • Tuck Jump – If you wish to start with a tuck jump, it is vital, to begin with, regular or straight bouncing to gain proper momentum. Therefore, as you reach a necessary height, you should bring your knees to your chest at the top of it. The higher you bounce, the more energy you will need for the process, burning more calories and fat. It would be best if you tucked knees under your trunk for an intense workout to achieve greater strength and stability than before. You can learn more about trampoline workouts by entering a link we shared with you.
  • Pike Jump – When it comes to pike jumping, you can build your core muscles and increase their strength along the way. It means that you should touch your toes when you reach the highest point in the air. You can also jump from front-to-back or side-to-side while feet should be together along the way. It is an excellent way to conditioning and toning your core stomach muscle groups. The best way to do it is in the short interval between thirty and sixty seconds. Afterward, you should have a short rest and start another round.
  • Split Pike Jump – This is similar to the star jump that we tend to do in aerobics or gymnastic training, but it is much more effective and enjoyable doing it on the trampoline. Remember that split pike jumps will help you develop better coordination, endurance, and fitness levels. You should start with thirty-second sets and try to reach up to one minute with short breaks. The best way to do it is to begin by your arms at your side and feet together. As you bounce in the air, it is vital to separate your legs and lift your arms to reach a star position each time you are in the air while returning to the same position.
  • Knees and Hands Jump – If you wish to tone various parts of your body, we recommend starting with this particular exercise. The main idea is to bounce by using a flat back before landing on all fours in a cat position. It is vital to ensure that your knees and hands are firm when you land. Beforehand, it would be best to stretch and warm-up your arms and legs to ensure that you do not injure yourself throughout the process. It is vital to start slow and try to perfect it as you reach the trampoline. To achieve the best results, you should increase each interval’s duration, which will provide you with a high-intensity workout.

Learn a Few Tricks

You should know that trampolines are great for sports enthusiasts such as skateboarders and snowboarders, especially since you can learn a wide array of stunts without injuring yourself.

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The main idea is that you can practice potential stunts to ensure that your body remembers them before you try them while skiing or snowboarding.