Ultra-Level Protection for Your Warehouse Staff

The warehousing industry doesn’t typically qualify as an overly hazardous one. Having said that, working in a warehouse is a job that has its own specific challenges, some of them related to health and safety in the workplace. 

As a warehouse operator, your staff’s health and safety should always be top priority. This however, as you probably know by now, is easier said than done. There are many considerations and variables to account for when it comes to keeping your warehouse workers safe, so it is well worth investing in the best. 

Your Storage House Has Many Moving Parts

Your staff and machinery do not mix well!

There are lots of things happening around your warehouse on an average day. You might be doing maintenance and repair of equipment such as pallet racking at one end of the facility while inducting new starter staff at the other. All the while you have fresh stock coming in on flatbeds every 30 minutes. 

Considering the above as a normal everyday scenario, you need to literally separate the vulnerable parts of the equation (that being your staff) from any potential harm that might come their way. Your staff are soft targets when facing off against heavy equipment and machinery at work, so it is best to never let the two come into conflict. To that end, building barriers between staff and hazardous situations at work is absolutely crucial. 

Facility Protection Solutions for Your Warehouse 

Do you need facility protection at your warehouse? Absolutely, every day of every week. Facility protection can be described as any piece of equipment or infrastructure that helps prevent human injury and stock destruction. 

One of the latest things to appear on the facility protection market is the Ultra guard rail. Oregon-based warehouse pallet racking specialists Speedrack West says that the Ultra guard rail can be effectively utilized for protecting any type or size of pallet rack around a warehouse. 

The Ultra guard rail is developed by a UK-based safety infrastructure company. There have been many effective barriers and guard rails to repel forklifts when they go astray (either through mechanical failure or driver error), but the Ultra provides a whole new level of passive protection. 

How does the Ultra work?

Ultra is surprisingly simple and effective! In case you are wondering how a 3-ton, out of control piece of machinery can be safely brought to a standstill without causing loss of life or stock at a warehouse, then read on to find out as the Ultra guard rail is beautifully simple.

Generally, modern warehouses (the chances are yours too) are fitted with shock absorbent barriers of all shapes and sizes in order to withstand certain levels of impact caused by heavy lifting equipment like forklift trucks during operation. Shock absorbent barriers also save lives as they prevent moving equipment on the loose from demolishing pallet shelving, which could cause injury or even loss of life. 

Although effective, these polypropylene barriers have limits. On the other hand, the Ultra guard rail takes it up a notch with the introduction of heavy-duty internal barrier fortification made of specially strengthened steel and concrete. The fortification structure sits within the polypropylene outer barrier casing while being heavily anchored to the warehouse floor. 

The resulting structure is many times stronger than any other form of guard railing seen before. You can rest assured that staff at your warehouse are much better protected from potential hazards in the workplace.

Last but not least, the Ultra guard rail is one of the most cost effective, passive protection systems you can have – saving lives while saving money makes good business sense.