What are the different services Canada’s Experienced Sponsorship Immigration Lawyer offer?

Sponsorship is a phenomenon which is gaining a lot of popularity in Canada. It is meant to reunite families by bringing them over to Canada. Canada is one of the most welcoming countries for people from every section of society. Sponsorship can help the people who are permanent residents of Canada to invite their families from their homeland to Canada and sponsor them as permanent residents. Read more about on Charlotte Observer.

This procedure is completely legal and authorized by the government. To apply for a sponsorship, one must contact Canada’s Experienced Sponsorship Immigration Lawyer.

There are three different types of sponsorships. These services are provided by very experienced groups of lawyers, they can handle any complications that could arise in the application.

Types of Sponsorships:

The Three Types of Sponsorships are as follows:


  • Spousal Sponsorship: 


If the applicant of the sponsorship and the sponsor are legally married within Canada, or even outside Canada with a relevant marriage certificate of the country, then they can apply for a spousal sponsorship. There a few eligibility criteria, however. The first one is that the applicant and sponsor should be adults (local age for the title of the adult is 18). The obvious criteria are that the sponsor should be a Canadian citizen. 

There several little details that the immigration authorities pay very close attention to. Hence it can sometimes be tricky to prove a marriage valid, in such a case you need a Canada’s Experienced Sponsorship Immigration Lawyer. An experienced lawyer can make life a whole lot easier in the immigration process since these experienced lawyers know how to deal with any small fault or loophole in the application.


  • Parental Sponsorship: 


The sponsor can invite their family members under parental sponsorship, but the rules in this section are strict. The minimum requirements for applying under parental sponsorship are as follows- The sponsor must have a minimum financial status and stability so that they can support the applicant (If the applicant is under 19) with necessities like food, clothes, and shelter. 

The sponsor in these conditions must sign it with the government that they have to provide the minimum necessities to the immigrant, if they do not have sufficient financial requirements at the current moment then they must work towards it before they can invite any immigrants. The sponsor must also prove their residence in Canada and provide the information about their residency to the authorities for verification.


  • Child Sponsorship: 


The process of child sponsorship is quicker than the other types of sponsorship since the parents need to provide for the child as soon as possible. Still, there is a protocol that has to be followed. The requirements are almost the same as parental sponsorship but the exception here is the age limit. The age limit for the applicant is under 22 years of age. But even if the applicant is 22 years old and cannot provide for themselves then they are also eligible for the child sponsorship program for immigration.