Are you thinking of using natural gas as an energy source for your home by installing a gas fireplace in Melbourne? Are you wondering about the benefits of natural gas heaters? This article outlines five top benefits of using natural or LPG gas heaters in your home. 

 Reliable Supply

Electricity is a fine method to use as an energy source until you encounter bad weather. How frustrating is it when there’s a storm and a resultant black out? You’re left in the dark and cold. But it doesn’t have to be this way, because gas heaters keep on going, no matter what the weather is doing. Your natural gas heaters source their gas from underground pipes that remain in working order even while a storm rages around you. So when you have a gas fireplace in Melbourne installed, you know that you have a reliable source of heat at the press of a button that’s not influenced by the weather patterns. 

 Instant Heat

Gas heaters are known for their ability to give off instant heat. All you need to do is switch them on using the ignitor, which causes heat to immediately come forth into the room. Most other kinds of heaters warm up a room slowly, but gas heaters are different. The ambience is also enviable with gas heaters that imitate wood fireplaces in a convincing fashion, but without having the maintenance of a wood fireplace to deal with. You also don’t have to perfectly time putting logs on the fire to ensure a constant amount of heat is flowing from your heat source. With a gas fireplace in Melbourne, you get instant heat and all the ambient benefits of a wood fire. 

 A Cleaner Energy Source

Unlike other forms of heating, gas heaters do not contribute smoke, ash or odours to your environment. This means that when it comes to your gas fireplace in Melbourne, there is no clean-up to do after you use it, which is in stark contrast to wood fireplaces that create a lot of ash. The lack of by-products is also why natural gas heaters tend to be long-lasting. Plus with gas heaters, you won’t have that annoying smoke residue in your clothes. 


Natural gas heaters have very affordable operating costs, because in Australia, gas is an economical fuel to use. That is why you’ll find that a gas fireplace in Melbourne will cost you less in running costs compared to a heater that runs on electricity. Sure, there are other costs involved, such as installation fees, but once you have made that initial investment, gas heaters really do serve you well by being very cost-effective. Heating and cooling your home are potentially the most expensive luxuries of modern life, and they cost a lot more than cooking, water heating, lighting and appliances, so it’s vital that you keep operating costs as low as possible by choosing natural or LPG gas heaters

Fewer Emissions

Natural gas is kinder to the environment than a lot of other fuels, creating 70% less carbon emissions. When natural gas is burnt, it is almost a complete combustion, with very little contaminants created. There are only tiny amounts of sulphur, some nitrogen dioxide and no solid waste products. With these fewer emissions in mind, you can use your gas heater guilt-free, as you’ll be using a fuel that creates very few emissions when it’s burned.