5 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Shower Experience Every Morning

Taking a shower is a simple process: you go in, get your hair and skin wet, scrub shampoo and soap, rinse, and then get out to dry yourself and get dressed. However, there are upgrades that you can do to improve your shower experience. 

Here are a few technologies that you should incorporate into your bathroom:


A Water Softener


The hardness of water refers to the amount of minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, present in it. According to experts, although it does not have a negative effect on your health, hard water can be a nuisance. 


Both calcium and magnesium do not interact well with soap. They create a buildup that you cannot properly rinse out. They cling to your skin, clogging your pores and blocking your natural oils from reaching the surface. As a result, you get acne


You can easily install a water softener in Provo and across Utah. It will remove the excess minerals in the water coming out of your showerhead and improve your shower experience. You will find that your shampoo and soap would sud better. You will feel a lot cleaner when you step out of the bathroom. 


A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Your showers do not have to be boring. Adding a waterproof speaker to your bathroom can liven up your morning and help you get pumped before you head to work. 


An ordinary speaker or, worse, your smartphone will get damaged if used in the bathroom. Even if you place your smartphone far from the water, the high humidity in your bathroom can destroy it fast. 


A waterproof Bluetooth speaker will allow you to connect to Spotify or Apple Music and play whichever song you want. 


A Waterproof Notepad


For some, their best ideas pop out randomly while in the shower. Instead of scrambling to get a piece of paper and a pen before the idea completely slips away, you can write it down on a waterproof notepad that you can hang right inside your bathroom. This way, you do not have to wait until you are finished doing your business before you can jot whatever thought you have as soon as you had them. 


Rain Shower Head


A rain shower head will change your life. This device, as its name suggests, mimics the experience of standing outside in the pouring rain. 


Although that may not sound attractive, a rain shower head can feel relaxing. It is often installed on the ceiling of your bathroom, allowing it to spray water from above you. Newer models, however, have panels you can place on your walls to release water to your torso. There are also variants that let you control the water pressure. 


A Shower Thermometer


Is the water too hot or too cold? Before you step into the shower, know what temperature you can expect. You can easily find a digital thermometer that you can install right on the hose or the spout so you get an accurate reading. You no longer have to risk getting your skin scalded from water that is too hot or be surprised with ice-cold water when you hop into your shower. 


Your shower does not have to be a chore. It can be relaxing and fun if you are willing to make a few upgrades.